Which Dior Gaucho is best? Tote, Large, Medium and which color?

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  1. I thought the Gaucho's were pretty available so I hesitated to think about it, but now I hear some are selling out. Which colors/sizes are the most popular? Which do you like? I have a chance to get the white in large, is that a good bet? Thanks!
  2. The double saddle and the single in white seem to be the most popular here :biggrin: You probably have a pretty good chance of getting one, from what I've seen they are readily available. Call a Dior, I'm sure they can locate one for you.
  3. Is the double saddle the large for $1,995? The single is the medium?
  4. Some people seem to be talking about the tote.
  5. My SA told me the large in white is nearly sold out everywhere...
  6. yes :biggrin:

    I'm trying really hard to like the gaucho. The new saddle gaucho that just came out caught my attention, but it just looks kind of plain since it doesn't have the large buckle or the keys.

  7. i had the large in white and was not too crazy about it. i exchanged it for the medium and love it. it lays better and is easy to get into, plus it was 600.00 less.
  8. I think it's all a matter of personal preference. I was told by the regional manager of Dior for the West coast that the brown medium is the most popular. It's all about what you like though.
  9. I saw the Large White at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston. I didn't like the fact that it looked 'dirty' (the S/A told me it is supposed to look like that ... heck, what is it going to look like after I've carried it for a while!).

    Anyhow, I then went over to Dior and saw the Rouge/Red ... much nicer in my opinion. The only problem is that (for me at least), the large isn't really that large. I tried to get my usual stuff into it, and it didn't fit!

    Then, I saw a picture of the Tote in the magazine, and really prefer that (it's the largest of them all). What's kind of confusing though, is that Vogue said that the Tote is $1295 whereas the Large (Double) Gaucho is $1995 ... HUH?!?! :huh:
  10. Ceejay: The tote is actually $1585. It's the biggest but still much cheaper than the "large". The large has so much leather with all the flaps and such so I guess that's it, but the tote has quite a bit too.
  11. Well ... this isn't the first time that I've seen the fashion mags get their prices wrong! They did the same with the L/V 'resort' line ... I go running into our local L/V and had sticker shock! You would think that they would get it right!

    Thanks anyhow ... still thinking about it ...
  12. And that's the only one that hasn't sold out on elux, and the one I've seen left in stores. I guess there's no tellin'.

    Ceejay: Somehow that doesn't surprise me!
  13. I saw the large and the medium IRL. I chose the medium in red. To me the large one was awkward and bulky. I like the way the medium hangs. I also prefer the shoulder bag as opposed to the tote. You can see a pic of my medium gaucho in red in my handbag showcase. It is under "Kat's handbag collection." Check it out.
  14. I imagine it depends on where you live. I live in Vegas and ALL of the bags were readily available when they first came out...no waitlists. White in all styles was soooo easy to find! Now they're all pretty much waitlist only here.....except those red totes at Saks. :lol:
  15. I came to the conclusiuon that the Gaucho tote was the best for the money and the size-I can carry a spy bag so the tote is better size-wise-The medium saddle bag,, I am told, doesnt hold much...
    Saks New York has me on the list to get the Gaucho tote in green or burgundy-They are supposed to come in by the end of this week.