Which dining table do you like better for a "glam and girly" place?

  1. I want to totally redo my entire apartment for fun. The look I'm going for is very girly, glamorous, lots of mirrored furniture, lucite and acrylic pieces, and only light colors, probably white and pink... No masculine furniture like anything made out of dark wood.

    This is an example of the styles that I like :


    and this


    Now what kind of dining table would best complement this type of girly and feminine style?

    #1.) This glass table below from West Elm (without the chairs in the pics)

    but perhaps with this chair instead??

    Would that match and look good together? Or if not then perhaps this chair?

    Or would you prefer #2 below

    #2.) Just a simple white round table and chairs, just nice and clean, all one color...

    I would probably put pink pillow pads on the chair though, so it would be white and pink.... lol

    Which combo do you like better? Or if you have any other suggestions for "girly-glam" type dining sets that would be fabulous as well.

  2. LOVE the glass table but as i stated in ur last thread about the round bed, its like you're combining these two 'genres' of design together. (The bed) and in this case the table is ultra modern, all about clean easy lines, while as the chairs (and mosquito net) you have chosen are romantic feminine and embellished. I know i cna be proved wrong, but in my eyes these two styles cannot be mixed and fussed together (unlike some styles which can be)

    Of the chairs i would pick the second, i like the details on in except the material and fabric print. IMO it would be more your look in a pink velvet.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Yeah, you are absolutely right, thanks for pointing that out. I really like the frilly chairs, I just need to find an embellished, frilly table... I don't know what I was thinking about the mosquito net, it was an impulse buy actually, I'll probably return it...

    As for the dining area I would prefer it to be all embellished and romantic with lots of feminine energy. I really like the stuff they have over at BrocadeHome, their stuff is totally my style. I guess I got confused with the table cause... I think I confused glass with lucite cause in the second pic I posted above of the girly livingroom with the pink walls, the girl has a lucite clear looking coffee table and I somehow connected that with glass and the glass table but I guess that's different cause the glass table is more modern.

    What do you think about #2, the white round table and chairs tho with pink pads underneath, is it ok, or too plain looking? Would that match the girly-glam feeling or not really?

    I'm new at "decorating" that's why I kind of suck... I didn't even think they were two different styles (modern vs romantic) lol

    I hope mirrored furniture is ok tho for this look? Something like this?

    Is that considered "modern" or ok to match with frilly? I actually have that piece right now and would like to fit it in with the look somehow if I could.
  4. If you did decide on the romantic look the mosquito net will totally work (im a guy) so there is no way im putting a draping fabric on top of my bed but if you love it and it suits the room then go for it.

    You can mix glass tables with the feminine look, IMHO that glass table above doesn't match.
    For example (but these chairs are horrid)

    You dont need to go over the top with details because i imagine there will be various decorations on and around the table i.e. chairs, centerpieces, artworks, carpet/rug. Unless you want the focus to be the table, and the rest to complement.

    Set #2 is nice and can work, its very classic (again not my style) but for what your goign for it can totally work with the right accessories.
  5. BTW mirrored stuff can totally do the romantic girly look, Ive seen some gorgeous mirror jewelry boxes. Heres a collection of mirror stuff that i think can work for you (however it can be quite $) click here

    ETA: this stuff looks way better IRL, as it reflects everything around it.
  6. Thanks a lot for your advice, and the glass table you posted does look very ornamental and romantic due to the carved base and all the details....

    The first glass table I posted was from WestElm, definitely the wrong place to look for girly stuff for sure... lol

    I also decided not to get the round bed because it wouldn't be too practical I think and also because A LOT of guys (on another forum) said it reminded them of a whorehouse for some reason... I mean I'm ok if some stuff looks a bit porn-ish, but I definitely don't want anyone to think my bedroom is a whorehouse... :lol: So I'll probably go with something more classic.

    You're right about the accents and decorations around the table, I think I would probably want the table more "plain" and then make it girly with different decorations etc.

    I really LOVE this persons apartment, just the "pinkness" of it all

    and the very first picture all the way at the top is actually Paris Hilton's old house.... I like the way she (or probably her decorator) put it all together...
  7. That stuff is really nice, thanks for posting the link. Love all the mirrored jewelry boxes and toothbrush holder... very glam...
  8. First table with first chair. :yes:
  9. i happen to love the round table and chairs because i have it! it's from crate and barrel right? if not mine is very similar. i think it can be very girly esp with cute chair pads and a little white embroidered table cloth (i have that for mine but never use it).

    i love mirrored furniture. i think anthropologie makes really cute stuff- i know they used to have a great mirrored dresser. but they're very spency imo.
  10. The white table I posted is from Ikea.... I have seen something similar also at zgallerie... Yea, I do like it a lot, it looks kinda shabby chic style...

    Omg, I'm getting so confused after looking at the "celeb house" thread in the celeb forum because I actually REALLY like some of the contemporary style furnished homes in there too. I don't know if I like contemporary now or feminine...ugh

    For example, I also really like this even tho its more modern : It's Devon Aoki's house
    I really like it even tho it's not frilly and pink

    and this I also like Leonardo Di Caprio's house

    I don't know what I like anymore, I like it all!!! Sometimes I want to go frilly but then some modern stuff does look so good too. I'm so confused and don't know which way to go. I don't want my place looking all messed up like half modern and half romantic..

    I am not going to hire an interior designer cause its too expensive and I live in an apartment right now so it's not necessary, I have to redecorate myself.
  11. I really like your first choice of living room area...the pink is too much in my opinion.
  12. You really do hate men! ;)

    The only thing I have to offer..be careful with chrome plated furniture. Over time it tends to rust and flake. I'd go with brushed or polished aluminum.
  13. Haha, no it's just that when I go to stores like Zgallerie or Hardare Restoration, West Elm, basically all their stuff is so geometric, just all clean lines, and almost everything is dark or black wood, or dark brown leather, I just hate it. I was looking for a long time for a store that sells "girly" furniture and I finally found one http://www.brocadehome.com/bh/index.jsp

    I don't totally hate masculine furniture, I think some of it looks good too, it depends on how it's put together. For example the pic of Leo's house above is masculine but I still like it, it's just put together well...

    Thanks for the advice about the chrome... :smile:
  14. The stuff you picked (first and second) are just SOOOOO different. One is truly modern (especially the chrome with the chrome velvet chair) while the second (the white stuff - both chairs and white table) are more of the Shabby chic look.

    I personally cannot STAND shiny surfaces because keepign those CLEAN and free of fingerprints would be a nightmare, but then I have two kids who are 11 and 2. But, if you don't have little ones running around, then go for it. I personally like look-wise the best the glass table or mirrored table with the silver chair. Putting a solid white chair with a shiney table doesn't work for me and the second choice doesn't seem to be the look you are leaning towards.

    Of coruse, take this from a girl who does NOT like girly stuff! LOL
  15. What about something like this? this is an eBay listing. You could redo the chairs in a girly fabric? The styles seem to match better.

    It's a baughman era dining table and chairs (to help you search if you like it)
    a2c1_1.JPG.jpg a3c4_0.JPG.jpg a32a_1.JPG.jpg