Which Diet di I do?!

  1. Just wondering what experience anyone has had with Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers. I need to start one and I don't know which to choose. I'm thinking not weight watchers because I would like to but the food. How do they taste? Which is best? Thanks for any advice!
  2. sorry i'm no help here about those u listed. i've tried some diets in the past but somehow it's quite hard for me to stay on it for long. nowadays i just chew my food many many times before i swollow (like 30-60 times) and try to be 70% full only for the 1st few months. i think it help me reduce my appetite and so adjust my weight/lifestyle. good luck:smile:
  3. I had my best results using Weight Watchers online. The diet is easy to maintain even if you don't have their food, and the points plan was so simple using their online tools. Be prepared to get used to smaller portions and change your lifestyle, but I lost over 30 lbs and it was easy to follow.
  4. I second the Weight Watchers suggestion. I signed up online 3 months ago and have gone from 140 pounds to 120 pounds!!

    It's really easy to follow and you don't have to eat any special food so it's easy to stay on for the rest of your life.
  5. I'd recommend WW. You don't have to do it online or in a group. If you look on eBay you can find people who are selling their books and supplies.

    www.healthdiscovery.net is an online board for WW support. The people there are very nice and also have recipe exchanges, exercise logs (competitions too), etc.
  6. Weight watchers is great! I'd highly recommend it.
  7. Thanks eveyone for you're advice. I guess Weight Watchers it is!:tup:
  8. Weight Watchers!! I'm currently on it, so you're welcome to PM me for any questions!
  9. My mom is having great success w/ weight watchers and I'm thinking about it too.

    I joined before but didnt stick to it. I really need t oget it together and do something.

    let us know how weight watchers works out. Lots of people swear by it

  10. WOW!!! If i could lose 20 pounds I would be the happiest lady in the WORLD!! Congrats!
  11. David Kirsch New York Body Plan.

    Intensive 1.5 hour workouts daily but gives remarkable results.

    Check out the book at a Barnes and Noble.

    More than one lady goes from a size 16 to a 4.

    But the diet is strict...no alc no bread no carb no dairy no extra fats/desserts.
  12. That sounds like torture...and I can't imagine that it would even be remotely healthy, considering that your body does need carbohydrates, wheats, whole grains, the vitamins that come from milk and dairy products to survive...I guess they would substitute it with something else though, like soy milk...But that has carbs too, doesn't it?
  13. ^ sorry but I also wonder how that is healthy - sounds not good for your bowels!

    also, how many could keep the size 4? I mean after going back to a normal diet.

    I would go for healthy eating in moderation, with the occassional treat. I guess this is the W/W option then if you like the point system. good luck!
  14. I have decided to try weight watchers also after following a keto diet plan, which doesn't help because I love carbs too much :smile: Hopefully I can lose these 25 lbs with no problem.
  15. You CAN lose 20 pounds!! Really!! :yes:

    I have never been a successful dieter in my life....but a friend suggested weight watchers and I figured I'd give it a try....20 pounds later I'm so thankful I gave it a try!!

    It's honestly the EASIEST thing...you can still eat regular food...it's just all about portion control and healthy choices....you really can do it if you try!!