Which diaper disposal thing to get?

  1. One of the last things we need to get is a diaper garbage can thing for the nursery. I've been checking reviews on Amazon and Babiesrus, and am leaning toward the Diaper Genie II, but reviews of all of them seem to be all over the map. Have any of you had one that you think works really well -- minimizes smell, easy to get the diapers into with minimal contact, easy to empty, etc? Thanks!
  2. i got the diaper dekor plus. i read good reviews on it. i've heard they're all pretty much the same though... you just can't let them fill up and sit there. i'm just going to use mine for the middle of the nite changes. but during the day those things are going straight outside to the big trash can. i saw this one recently... giggle.com - VIPP Diaper Pail quite pricey for something to put poopy stinky diapers in and i doubt it really hides the smell that much. but i think the secret is just not letting diapers sit and rot inside.
  3. I never had one. I did not want soiled diapers in my home a minute longer than necessary. I always put them in the garbage can in the garage.
  4. Diaper Genie II. Absolutely no smell at all. The downside is you need to get their refills, a bit less than $6/cartridge and it lasts at least 2-3 weeks so it is not too bad.
  5. I use the Diaper Champ, you can use your own plastic bags as refills.
  6. every one we tried ended up stinking about 3 months later. . .I finally learned to put a designated trash can in the garage w/ a sealed top, EVERY diaper went right into it and it was easy to change.
  7. We have the Diaper Genie II. I love it. As soon as a diaper goes in there I no longer smell it. Travelbug is right the refills can get expensive. I usually stock up when they go on sale at Target.
  8. DON'T BUY ANY!!!!

    I purchased the Diaper Champ because you don't have to use special plastic bags in them...

    However, I NEVER used it and ended up either giving it away or throwing it out. The last thing you need is poopy diapers brewing in your house, whether they are stinking up the house or not. Do you really want to wait until they fill up before you throw it out?:throwup:

    I now save all my plastic bags from the grocery store (the clear plastic ones that you use for produce). I put poopy diapers in there, twist the top, and toss them into the kitchen trash. At least I know it will be thrown out within a day or two, and nothing accumulates.

    Just my opinion...
  9. i love the diaper genie II:tup::tup::tup:
  10. I don't use one. The thought of all that poo sitting there until it fills makes me :throwup:
    I'd rather just put it in a plastic bag and get it out of my house as soon as possible.
  11. I used these little blue plastic powder-scented bags called Diaper Sacks. Pee pee diapers just went into the kitchen trash which was emptied daily. But poo poo diapers and the used wipes went into the Diaper Sack, the top was tied in a knot and it was taken outside to the big trash can out there. I never had any long-term luck with the Diaper Genie, after a while it stunk even when empty and freshly scrubbed.
  12. don't use one either. diapers go right into the main trash and get thrown out the next day.
  13. We do too! Much more efficient this way. The refills for the diaper genie can add up and then if you run out in the middle of the night, you are stuck. Love the diaper champ.:tup:
  14. Don't buy one! Buy a small trash can for baby's room and empty it out often (once a day??). We don't have any type of diaper disposal thing...We clothdiaper anyway, but when we do use disposable, we just toss them in the trash, since we empty our trash out everyday.
  15. I had a Diaper Champ it works fine but I only used it for a few weeks. I just bag the diapers & throw them in the garage garbage can.