Which designs are being discontinued?

  1. Hey guys,

    With your vast wisdom, can you explain things a bit more for me, I'm still a relative newbie to the Chanel ranges! :Push: :upsidedown:

    I've read that some of the Cambon line is being dicontinued, but which styles and/or colours? :shrugs:

    Anybody got any ideas? I want to know what to buy (or attempt to buy) first!!

    Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. The PInk and Beige have been discontinued for sure.

    Word is that they're not producing anymore so although the black and white hasn't been put on sale at most stores, it's getting harder to find.

    I don't know about the brown?
  3. Thanks Swanky, I'll know which colours to hunt out now. I'm keen on the black with white C's or just plain black on black, so if these are being discontinued I'll have to get them quickly.
  4. ^yes, those should still be available, but they're getting harder to find.
  5. This is what my SA said about the Cambon line . Who knows if it's true ? Although , he was onto something when he told me about the gold lux line.....

    He said no more pink . No more beige and black , no more khaki , brown , python , ect... Only blk/wht and wht/blk and beige/beige . BUT , he said the new ones that would be coming out would all have the lettering in patent leather ONLY . So ....thats blk/wht patent wht/blk patent beige/beige patent . Lets see if this is true . It could be ! Or not ! Ha !