Which designer would you pick?


A bag by which designer would you pick?

  1. Chanel

  2. Louis Vuitton

  3. Gucci

  4. Prada

  5. Fendi

  6. Chloe

  7. Yves Saint Laurent

  8. Balenciaga

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you could buy only ONE bag and carry it for a LONG time, which designer would you pick (you can have ANY bag by that designer)? I'm just curious! I thought Chanel was my absolute favorite but I've been leaning toward LV lately.

    Please vote!
  2. Chanel or Hermes

    oops Hermes isn't in you Poll, so Chanel
  3. LV - classic, it lasts forever, works for casual and dressy
  4. I picked Chloe because I think the leather would hold up if I had only one bag and had to carry it for a long time.
  5. Chanel.
  6. I would pick Dior but it wasn't on the list :sad:! My close second would be either Gucci or YSL.
  7. I chose Chloe, b/c most of the bags are roomy, use great leather and although they are "trendy", a large leather bag is pretty timeless.
  8. Although I am a Balenciaga addict, I think I would add a Chanel to my collection.
  9. I would choose LV. I'm an LV whore though :P
  10. I would get a Birkin and give it to my mom bc I don't think I'm ready for Hermes yet--from your list I would choose the Balenciaga
  11. Chanel, but that's because I don't know a lot of the other designers.
  12. Chanel~~classic!
  13. It really depends on your look and what you need. I would choose:

    Balenciaga: if you are somewhat more casual. Perfect bag for hte mom on the go! These are so well made and versatile, and feather light. And the colors are TDF!

    Chloe: if you are going for a more boho yet refined look. Its casual yet you can really spruce it up. The leather is amazing and they are a pleasure to carry!

    Chanel: If you are looking for a professional or classic bag. The totes are amazing. If you need a dressier bag, go for the reissue.

    YSL: If you are looking for a professional, classic and timeless bag, but want a change from Chanel (or LV for that matter). The Muse is amazing with Jeans to suits to evening. I swear, in person you can't help but fall in love with the Muse. Go and feel the leather, and try carrying it. It is fabulous!

    I know this wasn't exactly what you asked for, but I do hope it helps. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  14. i vote chloe, cos
    - they make heaps of styles, a large variety of looks (as opposed to balenciaga, which are just dif versions of the same bag, really); ranging from casual funky to evening dressy, from large to small.

    - all of them have that perfect combination of classic + edgy/funky, IMO, which i love.
    this also helps it to age, as it's not a high-maintainance bag whose appearance hinges on its pristineness (as Chanel is).

    - the pebbled leather is soo durable and usable, that as an everyday bag it seems it could last you forever.

    plus, it's not as expensive as chanel or hermes, so you can outfit a whole wardrobe more easily =)

    so for durability, useability, longevity of look and function, versatility of of look and function - i vote chloe for sure.
  15. Chanel of course :love: