which designer is the must have?

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  1. Hello ladies, I am new to this forum, I am about to make my first designer bag purchase but cant decide which one to go for, need guidance please!

    my question is, If there is one designer brand that you have to have, which one would it be?

    plz bear with me as i am a complete newbie on this! ;)
  2. oh i'd like to add that i am on a limited budget so plz dont suggest hermes or LV or others in that league.. cheaper is better but it has to be a good designer bag! :smile:
  3. Coach!! Lots of fun colors, and they stand by their bags.
  4. after your first post i was going to say LV but then after i saw your 2nd post im going to say Coach, can i ask how much your looking at spending???
  5. Furla is a very underrated bag, but the quality is fabulous
  6. thanks everyone for your inputs
    I already have a Coach which i wouldnt regard as designer as it was bought from a factory outet for around 100 usd, well nowadays i am in UK was thinking of spending around $500 can buy from here or internet and get it delivered to me here in UK through a friend... i absolutely love Gucci and LV but cant afford the ones i like and I have no idea if they ever have sales etc like i said im a complete newb!
    thanks in adv!
  7. LV never has sales, if I am not wrong.

    Gucci does.

    What about Furla? Is that considered 'designer'? My gf has a few Furlas and she claims that the quality good. E.g. she has been using one bag for 2 years or so now and it still looks fine. She has been lugging her Elizabeth (model name of another Furla bag she owns) for classes once a week for over a year now and it still looks new except for an ink mark which she does not know how it got onto the bag to begin with.
  8. balenciaga is a MUST!
  9. lol no no you got me all wrong, i dont have anything against coach.. what i tried to tell everyone was that the one coach bag i have isnt a "designer buy" from how i look at it as i didnt walk out of the store feeling broke, in other words can even go for a more expensive coach! :smile:
  10. If you ask 100 different people, you'll probably get 100 different answers. lol.. Everyone has their favorite! Have you tried going on some websites (Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, etc) and just browsing to see which designers pop out at you?
  11. For great quality leather bags but not quite as expensive as LV I'd say Treesje bags, Botkier, or Rebecca Minkoff.
  12. I always like Michael Kors bags and also agree with the others that Furla has really nice bags. I usually stay away from Coach, because I just see them EVERYWHERE lately and I didn't get why people liked the brand so much design wise, but I saw a few recently that looked pretty nice.
  13. i love coach and they have great leather items
    LV is my must have though and a speedy is like $800 cdn so it may be less then 500 pounds...
  14. I don't know their current styles, but another fave of mine is Francesca Biasa. They make consistently excellent quality bags!

    On another note: The reason Coach is as popular as it is is due to their excellent customer service! They stand behind their bags which is something a lot of manufacturers need to learn!