Which Designer Is the Most Overrated?

Which do you think?

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Chanel

  • Dior

  • Gucci

  • Prada

  • Dolce and Gabbana

  • Chloe

  • Balenciaga

  • Burberry

  • Other

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Sep 22, 2005
I like Prada clothes and shoes to be honest, but agree on the way-too-expensive nylon bags. To be fair, the older collections of Prada bags (the leather ones) are quite elegant, they just don't have any representable collections recently (I guess that's why I haven't had a prada for a while). However, even I prefer the old old Prada bags, the quality is not comparable to LV, no way near that is. They just don't hold up like LVs with the usage test. Among all the brands I've used (not that many really), LV is the most durable, both canvas and leather.


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
I voted Prada. I've seen better looking Guess bags for less money :suspiciou


Shopping Addict Nerd
Jan 4, 2006
prada gets my vote.. even though gucci seems to be going down hill these days...


Handbag crazed
Dec 1, 2005
Chicago, IL
chemlex said:
I was torn between LV and Burberry - but there are quite a few LV bags I like.

I think Kate Spade should have been on this list, because she has only put out two bags that caught my eye (Perrin, Giselle Rivington). The other ones, I just don't get. And why people would buy Kate Spade knockoffs really confuses me.
I adored Kate Spade when she first came out with her line-affordable, whimsical and fresh-great for a poor college student at the time...I agree with you Chemlex, why the 'bleep' do people buy bootleg Kate Spade bags and also on that note, Coach bags??? The ones that get bootlegged are the cheaper bags in the line. Here's a funny story about my guy friend (the idiot that he is) and his bootleg Coach gift to his unsuspecting (and half retarded) girlfriend:

Last Christmas, my friend Mark wanted to buy his girlfriend Nadia a designer handbag but could afford no more than $200 on one (so he said). I recommended him to Coach for their signature pouchette and also Kate Spade. Well, as it turns out, he went scouring out to the local mall and ran across a bag vendor. He spotted a "cute" pink Coach pouchette bag and purchased it for $50. He was so proud of his purchase and his money savings of $150 and wanted me to see it...upon my inspection of the crappily manufactured bag, I discovered very easily that it was a fake! He said he knew it wasn't real but that it "looked good and barely noticeable that it was fake." I gave him my 2 sentences that A). He is a cheap *?!@%$# B). Dishonest C). He should return it and get her a legitimate gift. Well, he is both A & B and did not go thru with C is nonetheless, I don't speak to him anymore bc I was so disgusted with him and because his unsuspecting girlfriend has no clue that it is fake. The funniest part of this entire ordeal is that my good friend went to Nordstrom Rack and purchased the same bag in black, authentic for $24, a genuine steal!!! He paid $50 for a phony, bootleg!!!


Dec 13, 2005
Eucci...I could't have said it better...The only thing somewhat okay about Prada is their shades and some of their shoes...


Jan 1, 2006
the only burberry I own is the trenchcoat! except of that NO thanks to that......also I think prada simply cost too much! okay they have cuties sometimes, but most new bags of them are like "I bouht ehm off of wal mart and sticked the prada tag on it".......I mean 1200 for the new "plastic" bags? hellllllllo??eww


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
west coast envy
ouch on the burberry, i mean i know its not anything special, but to me its classic, im not very trendy, im young, college and europe is number one on my list, so i cant buy the 'it' stuff of the week, hence why i like burberry, some of their stuff is timeless, some i admit are boring and oldladyish, but not all of it i think. i dont get whats up with the prada either! i think dior is just trying too hard these days, not a fan of them either. I think Gucci isnt bad. i plain out hate coach these days, with the exception of a key chain or something, looking to sell my hamptons wristlet, never used it, was a waste to buy it. Im looking into buying some of Kate Spades accessories. i like the fact that its all clean, stream lined, yet cute. i despise pink, but their signature bubble gum pink draws me in. and forgive me for this, i guess its more of a sophiscated taste that i lack, but im not a huge fan of these chloes or balenciagra..i dont know their so big, too many bells and whistles, shiny leather in unnatural colors, i dont know, its not me yet. paddys im unsure off, im not really digging the whole lock and heavy metals. never got into D&G and fendi, LV is LV, i think their monogram is over rated, but they have come out with new stuff, so i like them, LV, chanel, and yes burberry are my top three, following with kate spade, becuase since they arent as expensive, you can always update your collection by season. but hey thats just me.
Jan 2, 2006
louis vuitton i quite overrated, i am getting so bored of it.
gucci has terrible quality, it is no more a great brand, since tom ford left they are over.