Which designer bags are ACTUALLY handmade?

  1. I am wondering about this because I have been reading conflicting information on this forum.

    For example, I have read some reports that LV is handmade. But other information I read says it is not. I personally never knew LV to be handmade. It doesn't even look handmade.

    Then there is Chanel, Fendi, Gucci. Which of these are handmade, if any?
  2. Go on the LV website and watch the Craftsmanship vids... I'm pretty sure they are ^^'''
  3. I always have a hard time with pulling up the LV website. But I guess I wonder how they can be handmade when they produce them at the rate they do.
  4. Good question!!:yes:

    We're told we pay alot of money for these designer bags because they're individually hand crafted, but i wonder - to produce so many on demand, some of them must have some kind of mechanical help....?:idea:

    Unless we're talking Hermes, of course. They are all totally hand stitched, hand crafted, and hand finished. Which is part of the reason why they cost so much, i would assume.
  5. me too but it began as that kind of company at the beginning anyway so it'd be surprising if they turned to mass production. You shold try watching the videos.. they're mesmerizing lol, it features a trunk being made and various other pieces.
  6. I was watching a documentary about LV...I forgot what channel , must be one of those Discovery channels...But I believe the only handmade ones for LV are the luggages and the trunks. Some parts of all the regular bags are handmade but not all.

  7. Oh okay :3

    I stand corrected.
  8. id always thought that all of the LV bags are put together by hand. thats how you get so many variations in the stitching, and defective ones.
  9. You can also say that with Rolex watches. They produce about 800,000 watches a year and they claim that they are all hand assembled (though they accept that the components are manufactured with robots). So it is either LV and Rolex are produced by hand or both are lying and they are not.

    But there is actually an EU legal definition of handmade whose precise percentage number escapes me but it is not exactly a difficult job to achieve that. It was designed specifically as a deterrent to prevent Chinese goods calling themselves handmade on the same level as Italian a mano. Going by this standard, every bag originating in the EU that calls itself handmade can be said to be handmade which probably encompasses all the brands that is of interest to every lady around here.

    As for truly handmade ones, who knows. Surely Hermès didn't exacly handmade the metal bits or the zip either.
  10. Yeah, I was thinking that the trunks would be handmade too.
  11. Of course Hermes did not handmake the metal bits or the zips, but that is such a small part of any bag that it really isn't relevant.
    My question was more about bags that are made/handsown by craftsmen/women, excluding obvious things like zippers and such.
  12. interesting thread. i was wondering about this too.
  13. I don't know how much interest there is in the line, but I believe henry cuir bags are made by hand, excluding zippers, but including, I believe, most of the bead ornamentation.
  14. LV is handmade. There are interesting videos on the website!!!
  15. I was finally able to pull up the craftsmanship clips. Those were trunks and hatboxes. With the way they were sewing and whatnot, I don't see how LV could produce as many bags at the speed they do if EVERY bag is handmade.

    And does anyone know about Chanel?

    GGA, I have never heard of that designer you mentioned. It is worth looking into though. :smile: