Which Designer bag is that??

  1. Hello
    I love this bag, have you a idea from which designer it is and whats the name of that bag?

    I hope you can help me

    I have no idea:confused1:

    thanks !:smile:
    5znb9eb.jpg 5zo0g82.jpg 6b3sg9h.jpg 506ofa1.jpg
  2. maybe Valentino? It looks pleated so it might be a current style.
  3. I agree. Miu Miu Plisse
  4. thank you very much !!
  5. What's the woman carrying the bag again...?
  6. Sylvie Meis I want to say, but isn't it Sylvie van der Vaart now? She's married to that footballer Rafael van der Vaart I think.
    Wow blast from the past, I haven't seen her in a long time!
  7. I really like her coat!