Which designer bag is sopisticated for a professional 33 year old?

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  1. Hello lovely people,

    I have just recently signed up to this blog (should have done it ages ago since I regularly read the posts on this forum!). So I am a 33 year old professional in London looking to buy my second designer bag (1st one was a Mulberry medium Daria Hobo in Tan which I bought about 4 years ago).

    These are the 2 I have been thinking:
    -Chanel medium flap bag in lambskin with gold metal
    -LV Damier Ebene Neverfull MM

    Apart from the obvious price difference which of the 2 would you go for?
    The only reason I haven't bought either of them is the fact that EVERYONE has one or the other...I feel like everyone has the same fake version of the bag. If not either of these bags, which iconic bag would you recommend to a young(ish!) professional like moi?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Chanel. Though for the office, I typically reach for the Jumbo size. But M/L works too if you don't carry much. But if you don't like the over-saturation in your area, have you considered a seasonal Chanel? Good luck deciding!
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  3. Welcome to tPF!

    I think you're right, so many of both around London. And although I can see the two bags as classics both are so different in types and price-points.

    I know it's tempting to dress the part, especially in competitive industries/fields but if it's not for work, think about who you really are, what kind of bag you'll use most often and what you're most comfortable with.
  4. Depends on what you want to use the bag for. If it's for work, I recommend the Neverfull. I'm currently using mine for work and it is the perfect bag. If for just a work party or just day to day life but you still want to look sophisticated then the Chanel flap. The flap will be too small for work I think.
  5. If you usually carry a lot of things, You should go for the neverfull lv . It's roomy. I only use tote bags for work I find them handy.
  6. The Neverfull is certainly functional and will win for being the one you certainly don't have to baby.

    But the Chanel is truly more classic and sophisticated. If you are looking for one for work, I agree with Funbagz and suggest the Jumbo.
  7. NF is much larger than ML Chanel. What do u plan to use the bag for?
    I say both? As they will serve u for different functions as discussed already. If has to be one then for me would be Chanel.
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  8. It depends on the stuffs you carry. But if you dont carry alot, The ML is a great choice
  9. I'd go for the Chanel, between those two. That said, I also wheel my laptop to and from work with a small travel bag (lol!) so I like to switch around what purseI wear to work without worry of size or whether it can hold laptop, water bottle, food, etc. since I wheel literally everything in there.
  10. At the end of the day. It depends of what you are going to use it for and how many things you are going to carry in it.
  11. Neverfull MM or GM will serve well at work in my opinion. The Chanel may be a bit flashy for work. But if it's a work dinner or some other work related events then that's absolutely fine.
  12. Tbh, both. They are 2 very different bags, different style, size, purpose, and price. I own and love both. The NF is a better work bag, the CF is a classic. The M/L is a good sized day bag for me, it fits all I need, but for work, I switch to my GM neverfull.

    If you only want to buy one, I think the neverfull is the more versatile bag, especially since it has the "built in" pochette so you can use that as a grab and go piece.
  13. Thank you ladies (sorry if any guy responded :smile: I assume it was all ladies!)
    I'm going to get the LV for work and will treat myself to the Chanel classic flap bag after I buy myself a new car (got to be a teeny bit sensible here lol) as I think most of you are right... They are both very different bags for different uses. X