Which department stores right now have a Tomato First or Tomato Day with RH?

  1. I am very interested. Can anyone let me know? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Umm i *think" there was a tomato day w/RH at NM Tyson's Corner... i might be wrong though... i was just there and all the colors and hw combos made my eyes all swirly to keep track...
  3. under tpf reputable stores that carry Balenciaga...Real Deal Collection....has Pre-fall Tomato Day with the reg, HW.......IT IS A BEAUTY!!!!!!
    Check it out!!!!!
  4. Nordies Sac had one Tomato Day a couple of weeks ago. I think they also had a First on display. Ask for Barbara. Good luck!
  5. neiman's in san francisco has a gorgeous tomato first...
  6. BNY had a couple left when I bought mine about two weeks ago.
  7. I saw a tomato day at Neimans (in Houston) on Saturday.
  8. i just ordered from NM vegas 2 days ago. ( tomato first RH)> my NM SA from chicago found the bag for me.