Which Department Store & Factory Store do you get the best prices?

  1. Mine has to be Dillards for Department Store and the Camarillo Factory Store.
    Just wondering if I am headed to the wrong place to get a real deal???
    Macys is about an hour....and have tried to visit Factory stores whenever I travel still trying to see which one is best.
    When there is a sale at one Department Store or one Factory Store, are ALL the same named Stores having the same sale?
    Once I was at one Factory store, told a freind, they went to another and things in clearance was different priced for the same thing..I wasn't sure which store was mistaken or it was on purpose.
    Please share,
  2. It seems that the factory and department stores arond me are basically priced the same. Just depends on who has what and when.
  3. Lord and Taylor, Macys. Factory store with coupon! Lord and Taylor will apply discounts towards markdowned Coach; Macy's will not. Sometimes Bloomies will.
  4. I am close to the Camarillo outlet too, but where is Dillards? I hear here talking about Dillards but didn't know there was one around.:confused1:
  5. The Carlsbad outlet (San Diego) is where I find good deals on accessories. My best deal yet was the Legacy Stripe Zoe clutch that I found for $100. The SAs were like, "How did we miss that??!!" I haven't found any good deals at the dept stores for bags that I've been looking for, but I see Nordies usually having a good share of COACH bags on sale every now and then. They seem to also get new COACH stuff in before my boutique does, so I'll usually browse them first and then buy at the boutique.
  6. We have one in Palmdale. Its a nice store with great people but the retrictions are only 5 handbag limit. Not per style either..but for purchase.

    Have you gone to the Mammoth Coach Factory outlet?
  7. TRYING to find out when the sales ARE is the problem. I am willing to drive to get there, but I need to know. I think there is a Nordtroms in Northridge, close enough for me to try it out.
    I only have been to Mammoth once, it was nice but it was my first so maybe I was so excited it may not be..but I had never seen Coach bags discounted so I was so enthusiatic.
  8. Best deals ever San Marcos Outlet and Dillards hands down
  9. No I haven't. I have been to the one in Dessert Hills, Carlsbad and Las Americas. When I went to the one at Desert Hills I wasn't into Coach though.:smile:
  10. The Petaluma outlets are not that big, but they I love their coach store. They always have a lot of signature items and great deals.
  11. Does your Dillards have a 5 bag limit total? One day they do, one day they don't, one associate says yep, one says nope....I usually want at least one extra, and if they are on sale.....5 will work not everyone or every store is limited. Is yours?

    San marcos Outlets I haven't heard of, I think I will have to head shopping.:supacool:
  12. Do you find that the Coach Factory stores normally has the Mini Signature mostly and not the regular Signature? Wonder how far away is Petaluma....just going to have to check your store out.