Which denim jacket for me?

  1. The white denim jacket or the blue denim jacket? You choose-I keep going back and forth on it. Here they are:

    Blue denim:


    And the white:


  2. white! but please no denim all over (jeans and jeans jacket )
  3. I like the blue
  4. I like both but it depends on how neat & spill prone you are as I can see the white jacket getting dirty very quickly, but the white one is very summery & my favorite.
  5. I like the blue
  6. I'd go w/ the blue...the white I would be afraid to wear b/c of it getting dirty..I tend to drop food on clothing when I'm eating.
  7. if you do usually wear jean trousers, i'd go with the white, avoiding to appear 'fully jeansed'!
    if you don't, go for the blue one!!!:yes:
  8. blue so it doesnt get dirty (well at least if its dirty, its not easily visible)...
  9. I like the White. :heart:
  10. I like the blue.
  11. i like the blue :smile:
  12. I vote white. Such a great color for the summer.
  13. I like them both. White is great for the summer, but blue is good all year round!
  14. Blue!
  15. I like the blue so long as you don't wear it with blue jeans! Or maybe...get both!!!!!!!