Which denim bag do you like better?


Which bag: Baggy or Pleaty?

  1. Baggy PM

  2. Pleaty

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I like the Baggy PM as an every day bag:


    but I also like the Pleaty as a nighttime/going out bag:


    They are both the same price, around $1100...which one would you get?
  2. Definitely the baggy PM, it goes over your shoulder, more pockets and I believe it can hold more stuff. Go baggy !
  3. Pleaty! Pleaty! Pleaty!

    Dolce La Vita!!
  4. Maybe I've just seen too many Baggys during the past couple of weeks, so that's why the Pleaty looks more unique and luxurious to me at the moment. :love:
  5. Baggy PM in fuchsia, Pleaty in blue.:yes:

  6. I do liek the Baggy in fuschia but I am in loooove with the blue though! :love: I am more of a blue jeans girl so I like blue for me.
  7. They are both so beautiful, but I think that I would get more use out of the Baggy.
  8. I voted Baggy, but I really love the Pleaty :shame:
    But I don't like the fact, that it doesn't close w/ a zipper. And I already have a handheld-Denim bag (Speedy)...
    The Pleaty looks cuter IMO and more unique - but the Baggy is a lovely shoulder-bag. I'm no help... :cry::shame:
  9. I love the baggy PM!!!! In fushia too!! Good luck with your choice!!
  10. Hahaha! You sound like me! I honestly would love to get both but I just can't spend that much.....guess there is always time to get one or the other!
  11. the Pleaty is adorable! :P
  12. Baggy PM is a better bag for the $$$, IMO.
  13. As you know I try to be practical and while the Pleaty is super cute, you will get more use and enjoyment out of the Baggy PM. :yes:
  14. I like the baggy pm.
  15. The Pleaty.