Which denaro should I keep?

  1. Help me decide on a print. I luv them all. :heart:



    Thank you!!
  2. C With Moofia On It!!!!
  3. omg!! last one has the BEST placement. i love that eskimo :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    great find!
  4. I like the last one best
  5. Definitely C!
  6. Oh I forgot to mention, I want something that's not already on my BV. The print on my BV is almost identical on both sides. (Although Mozarella is one of my favorite characters). I like A bc of the gingerbread house. I like C bc of Mozarella and the eskimo kid!! ahh...too hard.

  7. In that case, the clear choice is to keep the first one. :smile:
  8. i agree. however, for me, i like my denaro to "match" my bag. so i want characters that are on my bag to be on my denaro as well.

    fwiw, i love C! :tup:
  9. I vote for "A".
  10. C!
  11. i vote for A!
  12. well, placement wise - i would pick C - I mean what are the chances u can get the mozzerella in the centre of your denaro?

    but if you don't want to overlap - then I would pick A

    But does your BV have the prints on the back as well?
  13. C! It has penguins!
  14. A for Awesome wolf boy.
  15. :drool: I think you should sell C on eBay. :graucho:

    But seriously, based on your follow-up comment, it does sound like A is the best one for your preference.