Which DE for everyday?

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  1. I am choosing between these: Rivington GM, Marylebone, or Westminster . I am having just the most difficult time! I can get only one handbag this year and I want it to be one to wear on the shoulder and good for everyday use.
    Input from anyone?? TIA!
  2. I think the Westminster is a nice everyday bag. Zipper closure is secure. Roomy.
  3. I use my Rivington GM every day it is great and classy
  4. I pick Westminster!
  5. I vote for the marylebone! 😃
  6. Westminster
  7. I vote for the Marylebone :smile:
  8. Westminster ...
  9. Marylebone. If I had to choose one de bag only it would be this one.
  10. Another one for Westminster!
  11. I don't have any of those, but most drawn to the rivington!
  12. Rivington GM
  13. Marylebone
  14. I lie the westminster the most :smile:
  15. I don't have any of those but I'd like a Westminster. Usually my Speedy 25 is big enough but once in a while I want something larger.