which day this week is better to hit the outlet?

  1. I'm NOT a black friday shopper...I refuse to be sucked into stores just to save a few bucks and lose my sanity.

    I'm thinking of hitting a local outlet on Wednesday...day before thanksgiving...thinking there will be more selection then there would be on saturday or sunday (picked over from black friday)

    does this sound accurate?
  2. idk. i know some stores hold things until black friday. so if you go wednesday, you wont even be able to see some items.
  3. I would imagine that they wait to put some things out. I went last year, but then I enjoy all the hoopla. And, there's an extra 10% off! I'm also planning on hitting the mall later in the morning. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. :noggin:
  4. My sister lives 10 min. from the Camarillo (CA) Premium Outlet and she said the Coach Outlet there is going to be open at Midnight of Thanksgiving Night or does that count as 12am of the Day After Thanksgiving? *LOL* Anyhow, she's going to go and hopefully beat the 6am crowd on the Day After Thanksgiving. She's not sure they'll have any good deals on Wednesday, she thinks they're going to save all the good deals for their Midnight opening.
  5. I'd go now. I was just at two of them in Vegas and hit the jackpot. I've never spent so much and bought so many things at an outlet in my life. The salesgal told me this is the very same stuff that will be out after Thanksgiving (same prices too). They are trying to boost their pre-holiday sales which have been lower than normal. In fact, she said things were selling so fast she was hoping there'd be enough for the weekend.

    Go now!!
  6. The SA's at both outlets in Vegas told me this isn't true. In fact, as my above post states, they put the stuff out early. I would not chance it.
  7. I was at the outlet today and I overheard the SA'S and manager talking about a shipment which had just come in (they were saying the truck was in the back) and the manager was saying "we're staying late tonight because everything has to be out by tommorow" SOOO I am guessing that they are putting the stuff as they get it...

    I would just go now and forget the extra 10% off but enjoy the better selection and less people!!
  8. Thanks, I'll let my sister know. I wonder if each Outlet functions differently? But I'll have my sister go check out the deals just in case - not to chance it! :graucho:
  9. The Las Vegas outlet always have very good deals. I love shopping there. It's Black Friday everyday. :yahoo:
  10. that's EXACTLY our thinking...thanks!

    the only thing I'd actually like is a framed lurex wristlet...if I find one, great, if not...ah well.

    and I want to buy my mom a bag for christmas...so hopefully she'll have alot to chose from (she loves the mini-sig print, and the outlet we go to is the only place to really find a good selection of it)
  11. I am sure that it differs by region and/or the popularity of the outlet...like Las Vegas is HUGE and their outlets do really well, but where I live in Oregon we only have one outlet on the coast, and it is opening at 8 am on Black Friday. So hmmmm! We are going over on Thanksgiving and getting a hotel room and getting to the store early. Actually, DH is going to drop me off so I can get in line while he parks somewhere. Now that is teamwork!
  12. Deweydrop- I have two coach outlets which are relatively close to me (about 1/2 hour each in opposite directions) and I have been to both of them this week and they both had/have the lurex clutches right now.

    There is actually alot of lurex stuff... clutches,framed wristlets $69, wristlets $44, mini skinnies $29 in gold, black, or silver. They also all have the extra 20% off.
  13. Thanks so much for the low-down Kenia! Can't wait to go tomorrow now!
  14. Candace117- That IS teamwork! Thats what my husband did. He parked, I lined up, then when doors opened he rushed to the front straight to the item I really wanted. He's so funny.

    Coachfanatic- Which Vegas outlet? The one in Primm or Premium? Or are those the ones you went to? I'm headed down there tomorrow!!! yay!
  15. I started that other thread about Black Friday because I was so excited but it seems that everyone that has done it in the past said that it was really crowded, annoying, and the discount wasn't worth it... so I'm trying to get my hubby to take me today. I'll gladly spend that extra 10% to get stuff I actually love and want, rather than impluse buying leftovers because they are cheap.