which day should BE sale start on???? vote!

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  1. Y'all, I will be in Denver at a conference on Monday, and en route home on Tuesday. But, I need this BE sale. I begged Jackie via Twitter to wait until Wednesday to start it, and she suggested we vote! How cute!

    So, I will start a poll once we narrow it down from the five days in the week next week.

    Who wants it to start Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? Friday?

    Jump in with your input!! thanks!
  2. #2 Jan 20, 2009
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    Friday- (I get paid ;). Plus then you have saturday and Sunday to shop- without having to worry about, not being able too at work or missing something because of school kwim
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    Please please not on a Friday or Saturday, the two heaviest of my week for work/school etc. I work/teach/go to the school library at crazy hours and those two days are the craziest of all. I won't be able to concentrate if I keep thinking about what I might be missiing..KWIM?

    I vote Wednesday so I might have a shot of buying another BE of my dreams. My ban is lifted for this sale..LOL.
  4. okay, we've got a Wednesday and a Friday. thanks! Step right up, ladies, and tell us your vote!
  5. I vote for Friday too. A lot of people get paid on Friday and have been looking forward to this event. It would be good to give as many people as possible a chance to participate in the sale!
  6. I don´t care about the day...but I want to meet BE sale:yahoo:!
  7. Friday!
  8. What time will the sale start? Will it be in the evening or the morning? I'm off next Friday so I prefer next Friday but if its during the week, I would prefer it to start after 6pm Eastern time!
  9. good question! Be veterans, when do these things usually start? I think it was during the day for the sample sale this past fall....
  10. Fridays and Saturdays are my 'drinking nights' so would really be rather unsafe!
  11. Friday and Saturday night it is! I've love to see you in action at this sale, Jenova!! We'd find out what BEs you REALLY want but are too sober to buy. tee hee!
  12. HELP - sober is not really a term to describe me and my bag habit!

    I think that I bought 4 bags during the last BE Sample Sale.
  13. Can someone run through the sale process. Last time on Pink Tuesday you could purchase what was still in stock on the website, although had difficulties with the credit card payment - frantically trying to entering details whilst it faulted each time!!!!

    With regard to bespoke not sure how that works, particularly when you dont know what leathers are available/ colours or price?? Do you email first? Really would like something in cervo pebble leather this sale but not sure what colurs are available. Help??? I would hate to miss out.
  14. I think that it is likely to be a normal sale, offering reduced prices on the goods left on the BE website, this time rather than a discount on bespokes but I may be wrong.
  15. the sale will last for three days. Specific items will be on sale. I don't know if it is just stuff on the site right now, or if other stuff we don't know about will be thrown in.

    the bespoke process is much more leisurely, and you would contact Rose to ask questions about availability and possibilites.

    I would be astounded if something in cervo leather would be in teh sale, but I have no way of knowing! I would be kinda unhappy if something I just received special order was suddenly marked down but I don't have enough BE experience to know!!