Which Day Is Your Best Day To Go Shopping ?

  1. I like to go shopping on a Sunday's because its less crowded or early Saturday mornings. I hate to go after work. I just want to come home.

    How about you ? Which day is your favourite shopping day/day's.
  2. i like shopping on weekdays after lunch. it's less busy and you get more attention. i usually go on my days off...usually wednesday and thursday. i have been know to go shopping after work, especially if i have a bad day. i try to avoid saturdays and sundays whenever possible...even for grocery shopping. :smile:
  3. Saturday except during the holidays, it is way too crowed.
  4. honestly..
    i would love to go shopping any time of the day!!
    shopping+eating relieves my stress and makes me happpyy
    especially if i buy something..:lol:
  5. Weekday evenings are the BEST. I like Thursday nights b/c usually new merchandise is out on the floor already for the weekend rush. But no one's really out shopping yet!
  6. Weekdays before 2:00 pm. There's not a lot of people, especially in the mornings.
  7. i prefer shopping after work or even during work.
  8. Most of my shopping is done online. Other than that, anytime during the day when everyone else is in school or at work.
  9. I prefer to shop first thing Saturday morning or during the week after work.
  10. I like going on my lunch hour sometimes. Going tomorrow, in fact :amuse: I like going either early Saturday mornings or late Saturday nights, not long before the mall closes. Sometimes I like going after work, but most of the time I prefer to go home and relax.
  11. any day there's a sale.
  12. :lol:

    Weekday's early afternoons or any day stores get the new merchandise in!
  13. I like to shop every day of the week! But if I have to travel the beltway then I like to shop early in the day and during the week to avoid traffic. I don't mind crowds so much but I HATE traffic!
  14. Weekdays Are The Best For Me.
  15. Hmmm....anyday, anytime is good for me....maybe now!!????