which Dark Silver do u like most?

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  1. hi....i need some help about dark silver. which dark silver do u like most?
    07 dark silver (bronze undertone)
    08 dark silver
    08 dark silver (argent fonce i think it has blue undertone)
    which one is a must have!???:tup:
  2. I like the 08 dark silver
  3. 08 dark silver
  4. i also think fw 08 dark silver. ok i have seen there 3 in person closely all together, here are the diffs, the 07 dark silver has a tinge of bronze onto it, the ss08 dark silver is a pure dark silver, for me its the pure definition of dark silv, and i passed on those two because i feel its too blingy for me, then this fw08 its dark silver with a hint of blue, but i loveee love love this one, its less metallic-less shiny than those other dk silvs..the most subtle =) perfect for moi =)
  5. definitely the '07 :love:
  6. I have 07 Dark silver flap and love it, and I also have 08 dark silver clutch and love it! There is definitely a difference in the undertone colors, so it is a matter of personal preference. I do agree that the 07 has a touch of bronze, that the 08 does not have.
  7. my fav is the 07 DS with bronze undertone. but i also like the most recent DS that is a truer silver. so my least favorite would be the one that came out in the middle of your choices. they're all beautiful in their own way, though!
  8. I have the S/S 08 dark silver, which I love... but the fall 08 is really gorgeous!
  9. I love the original DS with the bronze undertones!
  10. cant choose between fall 07 and fall 08 dark silver. they both equally gorgeous and so different!. one with bronze pewter undertone, one with blue undertone.
  11. 08 dark silver by far
  12. I love the fall 08 dark silver. I think it's the most "wearable" of the 3 and the color is stunning!
  13. I love the 08Fall (act 1) dark silver with blue undertone the most. It's not too blingy, and is less metallic than the other dark silvers released previously. It's actually a metallic gray. Absolutely love it!! :heart:
  14. i prefer the 08 fall silver...its more subtle..second choice would b 07
  15. I love the S/S 08 dark silver or the 07 dark silver too