Which Daria?

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  1. I've been lusting after a Daria for some time now, think I want the satchel... Or the hobo:roflmfao: Argh I'm so indecisive!

    Now do I want mouse grey, pheasant green or petrol? Help!
  2. I'm exactly the same and been wanting one for ages... Def satchel for me though!
    If you decide on a colour let me know ;)
  3. Just looking on M.com and think I've discounted petrol, love the leather but don't like the contrast with the gunmetal hardware for some reason. Which is odd, because I love gunmetal usually but I don't think this combination works.
  4. Hmmm the petrol caught my eye as well and the hardware didn't bother me though now you mention it I'm going to check M.com as well!!

    Edit: yes I've just checked, and the hardware doesn't really suit the beautiful colour and it's now a no go for me too!!
  5. It would look stunning with either gold or silver HW but the gunmetal is a let down.
  6. Yep agree.
    If only we could give our comments to them and they would alter the bags teeheehee
  7. I've been considering a Daria too!! I've seen the petrol and gunmetal hardware and I like it but I think I'm going to holdout for the sale......:biggrin:
  8. Hi guns good to see you again how ya doing?
    Oh another reveal look forward to it and i want your tooled bays;)
    looking for one badly.:graucho:
  9. Daria is one of those styles I keep going back and forth with too. If/when I get one I would go with the satchel purely for the versatile strap. Mind you I haven't tried them on in irl so that could change.

    I really like mouse grey with silver hardware and pheasant green with gold hardware both are equally stunning combos. Its personal taste really and your wardrobe that's probably the deciding factor- grey would go with anything, not everybody "does" green but if you can it'll be fab.

    Totally agree with you regarding the petrol/gunmetal combo, does nothing for me either. Which I find rather perplexing as I love gunmetal and like this seasons petrol colour.....but together on the spongy leather, somehow....no
  10. I desperately wanted a Daria earlier in the year so got one from ebay but promptly sold it because I think strap is too short.... I like long cross body straps but satchel just sat too high up for my liking. That will teach me to buy before I try (no excuse as the M shop is 5 min from my work!!)
    So for me if I get another Daria it would have to be hobo, shame as I much prefer cross body bags, much easier with kids!!
    Colour wise I love petrol but will check again after what you said about hardware, but 2nd choice would be green.
  11. I like the cross body option too but agree that it's too short on the Daria - but the fact it can be worn 2 ways on the arm makes me like it as it fits perfectly both ways!

    Just need to find perfect colour
  12. Agree about petrol and hardware- silver on that blue would have been perfect- PG was the stand out bag of last season for me- deep british racing green with gold hardware
  13. I'm good JAN thanks, been lurking here but not really posting much as I've been so busy.
  14. Ok so I'm down to pheasant green or mouse grey.... Ahhh, wish I could make a decision!
  15. I was extremely close to getting the mouse grey but at the last minute decided I didn't love it so left without... IMHO go for one you love that way it doesn't matter what it goes with/ how pretty the colour is as you won't care!!