which Damier?

I have the Duomo and love it. The Saleya bags are good too. Also the Speedy bags are very popular with members here.

But first you need to determine if you want a handbag or shoulder bag. Then you can go from there.
i have the Duomo, Speedy 25 and Papillon 30. it really depends on what you're looking for in a bag though; handheld or shoulder, big or small, and for what purpose (work, everyday, etc.)
I just got my first ever LV this past Wedensday and it is a Damier Speedy 30. I love it! When I first opened the box (I ordered from elux) and wore it, I wasn't sure if I loved it (it's a little big and I'm not used to handheld bags), but now I am convinced it's the perfect bag and it's beautiful! It's just the right size for me (I'm 5'4 medium to small build) and it doesn't feel awkward to carry around anymore :yes:

Hope this helps, and I'm sure you will love whatever bag you get, Damier is so beautiful and classic!
I love that line, but have nothing from it.:shrugs: I really like the speedy and saleya. Then again, there are so many neat bags. Good luck and let us know what you get.
I looked at damier for a year and Saleya PM was IT. Partly because I already have a Speedy! In the running were the Ribera and the Duomo. Duomo is so expensive and I have a Ribera shaped bag already so Saleya won.