Which Damier, Trevi pm or Sistina GM?


LV Newbie
Feb 28, 2010
Bay Area
I traded in my Trevi gm today for a Galliera pm mono, and def keeping it...
But I still have some credit so I can buy my second LV for my birthday later this month.

I want a Damier bag.
Which do you think I should get?

Trevi pm or Sistina GM?

Which is more timeless? I tried both, liked both, Trevi pm was a little small, but still very beautiful. Sistina was very nice too, but not sure about the large clasp.

Sep 27, 2008
Trevi PM. Good choice to trade in the GM, it's way to heavy. As for the Sistina, I think the zipper on the Trevi is easier to open over the buckle clasp on the Sistina. I also think it looks more youthful. Or you could go with a Speedy 30 or 35 in Damier.