Which Damier to purchase....

  1. Hello everyone,I would like to purchase a Damier bag for the winter. I normally carry small to medium bags and am looking for something that fits right underneith my arm or across the body,mainly handsfree. Right now I carry the Vavin PM and love it but want something that closes on top to keep the elements out. I would love to get your suggestions. Thanks. Rebecca
  2. How about the Saleya?
  3. Check out the Parioli - with a safe magnetic closure, not too big. But you might also wait for the new styles, the smaller version of the Trevi, or the Berkeley.
  4. Hampstead...that's my favorite :smile:
  5. I've been eyeing the parioli lately. The hampstead is nice, too. I really love all the damier bags. If you wanted to keep the price down, you can get a damier pochette and buy a long damier strap and that way you can wear it cross body. Only drawback is it's kinda small. I did this but in the monogram and I find I use it all the time.
  6. The Hampstead is nice.
  7. saleya pm
  8. Hampstead!x
  9. I would go with saleya.
  10. I just added the hampstead to my wishlist!
  11. Saleya!
  12. Paroli, my mom loves it!

    222 350.jpg

    222 349.jpg
  13. If you can stand the wait.. cabas piano SO in damier.. it's soooo hot !
  14. The Hampstead is on my wish list so I would go with that!
  15. I'm just waiting for a Musette Tango to arrive for mum. You can get it with a long strap which allows you to carry it across body.