Which Damier products have red inside?

  1. Especially the agendas and the wallets?!
  2. I don't have an agenda or wallet, but the Poche Cosmétique is lined in red.
  3. I'm interested in a new wallet in Damier Canvas with red inside. It could also be a pochette (Damier Mini Accessories Pouch)....
    I don't like Damiers without red insides:sweatdrop:
  4. Koala damier wallet has red lining..so does speedy and papillon..
  5. The Speedy has red lining? In the Azur or other one?
  6. My pochette accessores has red inside. My Illovo GM has kind of a burnt orange inside.
  7. I know the saleya and the hampstead have red lining
  8. No the Azur speedy has tan lining, the reg. Damier has the red.
  9. Does the Monogramm Agendas have any colours in the inside? I saw one....can you pick?

    Look at this:

  10. The Damier Marais has red lining.
  11. these are the monogram KOALA agendas and they come in either rose or orange interiors. this is different than the regular monogram agenda.
  12. Yes as posted earlier the damier poche cosmetiques has red canvas lining, and the Saleya (I have a PM) has the yummy red alacantara (sueded) lining!