which damier is better: DUOMO or RIBERA MM

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  1. seriously ladies, what are the differences, pros, cons... i didn't see much on past threads comparing the two styles... they seem similar. i have a speedy, but i like the structuredness of these two styles... ladies who own, which do you like better? the 1st pic is ribera, 2nd is duomo. thx


  2. Well I don't own one yet :P but I love the shape of the ribera more, though I have read about some of the ladies here having issues with the zipper scratching their skin when they put their hand in the bag... These bags are on my list too!
  3. These 2 are on mu list too. Was comparing the 2 in the store the other day.

    Ribera MM:
    Very bulky at the side, a bit too big for a city bag imo. Design wise, more chic. If u r tall (I'm oni 155cm), it'll b v classy and elegant for u. Due to my size, it looks like a luggage bag on me.

    Heavier than all the bags I was comparing. Prob due to the microfiber lining and the 4 'legs' and additional seams for the more complicated design, but it's def much heavier even when empty. IMO, this is a gorgeous bag, but if u have to carry it ard, I dunno if it'll give u any aches after a day out.
  4. The shape of the ribera mm was a little awkward for me. It's a gorgeous bag, though. They both are.
  5. can they both fit equal amount of stuff? the space allows how much to carry? makeup bag - small, med, big? paperback book?
  6. I personally like the look and shape of the duomo better but they are both beautiful bags.
  7. DUOMO! cuz it looks like it has more 'things' going on.....lol
  8. I second what CEC.LV4eva said!
  9. I'm concerned that the Ribera would roll. They are both elegant bags, but I prefer the Duomo because it looks more 'complete'. I don't know, - the Ribera seemed a bit too plain. I don't have a Ribera, but I really love my Duomo. I use it everyday, and I don't find it too heavy (and I really stuff it!).
  10. The duomo is such a classy bag. The ribera MM is so huge to take around.
  11. i'm starting to like the duomo more, i've always favored it in pics but haven't seen IRL. the complaints about the ribera is that it is huge and it feels like luggage, according to old threads. but the duomo's size seems comparable.

    does the duomo feel like you're lugging a piece of luggage?

    is it lighter or heavier than a speedy?

    what do you think about the access into the duomo? i find the speedy 25 opening a bit tight which is the only thing that holds me back from getting it in several colors/materials. i'm hoping the duomo (Or the ribera) has better access for when i'm in a rush.
  12. also, does either bag seem too old?
  13. ^ I just recently got the duomo and I am using it everyday. It is larger than my speedy 25, but not too large and not too heavy. It is easier to get in and out of due to the longer zipper length. I haven't seen the ribera in person, but looks-wise, I think the duomo is just a better looking bag because there is more going on with it. I love the hardware, the clochette and the lock on the side! Hope this helps!
  14. this totally helps. what do you fit in the bag? can it hold a paperback book, like for when i'm traveling and want to read?

    i love the damier b/c it's more weather resistant than the soft leather of my chanel bags and the vachetta on the monogram. i also like that the duomo doesn't have the LVs although i've seen the SOs on past threads. but i rather like the damier.
  15. duomo over the ribera...personally i don't like the shape of the ribera at all. the duomo is not heavy and considering you can't fit a lot in it it doesn't weight it down. style-wise the duomo is better looking.