Which Damier? Help please!

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Damier bag for Scotland?

  1. keep the Chelsea

  2. sell the Chelsea, get the Saleya PM

  3. something else (please post!)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I officially got accepted to my school's study abroad program, so I will be studying at the University of Stirling in Scotland next semester! I'm very excited! I was thinking of taking my Damier Chelsea with me, since I can use it for some books...but it doesn't really work for me as a purse since I'm only 5'1"! Do you think I should sell it and get a Saleya PM and just carry a backpack when I need to carry books? (I don't like carrying anything but notebooks in the Chelsea because with text books it feels like it's going to rip.) I've always wanted the Saleya, but I can only use it as a handbag! What do you guys think? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Congrats on getting accepted into the study abroad thing :biggrin:

    My vote goes to the chelsea. It is a beautiful bag and its more practical IMO :biggrin: (although i also agree the saleya is beautiful)
  3. Congrats.
    Sounds like a great excuse for a NEW bag....!!
  4. Aww Kim congrats!!! :smile: I know you're going to do well over in Scotland. Be sure to learn lots about the culture while you're there. :smile:

    To your question though, I would keep the Chelsea. You could always use the Chelsea as just your bag and a regular backpack for school purposes. :smile:
  5. Congrats on getting accepted ... Scotland, how exciting! I voted for the saleya since you said you've always wanted it, and you're already having doubts about the chelsea. Too bad that damier griet didn't work out for you ... sounded perfect for what you needed it for.
  6. Don't I wish??? But I have to save for spending money in Scotland.
  7. keep your chelsea, it's very practical and you would lose money if you sell it and get another bag.
  8. Go for the saleya and carry a backpack. Congrats!!!
  9. I vote for the "get the Saleya" coz you seem to really like it
    and just use a backpack for school,
    So you could have a nice handbag while in or out of school...
    and you wont be afraid to put all your school stuff in a backpack.
  10. congrats on the program!!! :smile:

    oh this is tough. i vote for selling chelsea, getting a saleya pm, and using a backpack for your books and stuff (especially if you only carry light things in the chelsea now). you're studying abroad so you'll probably be traveling too so i think a backpack would be great for walking around and a saleya pm would be good for those days when you may travel lighter, go out, etc.