Which Damier Handheld?


Which Damier handheld?

  1. Speedy 25

  2. Ribera MM

  3. Alma

  4. Triana

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  1. As some of you may have noticed, I have completely lost interest in tiny bags...mainly because of my LV sunnies' case, it's SO BULKY!

    Anyway, I've considered selling of my Sarria Mini and my Recoleta (maybe just the Sarria for now) and buying a replacement with the money I get.

    I've come up with a few that I kind of like, surprisingly I like the Alma...I'm generally not a huge fan of the Alma, but I saw a woman in Hong Kong carry it, and although she wasn't dressed very extravagantly, she still looked very classy and elegant.

    Keep in mind I will be getting the Saleya PM and/or the Damier Neverfull later on...so no need suggesting those. Please only vote for one of the options listed as I'm not very interested in the other models not listed here.

    When voting, I will also put whether I'll buy from the boutique or online...generally it's because I've set the limit to around $1000 CAD and the higher priced bags I'll only be able to get on eBay/LT/other 2nd hand site with $1000 CAD (~$960 US)

    I listed why I would/wouldn't want them to help you vote:

    Speedy 25 ($595 US - will buy brand new from the store)
    yay - least expensive of them all, readily available, classic shape, can buy from the store
    nay - already have Mini Lin Speedy (I prefer variety, not sure about having two Speedys although they are two different sizes and two different patterns), very common, not a fan of the sag and will have to put a base board inside...

    Ribera MM ($1,080 US - brand new or online)
    yay - more unique damier piece, large capacity and structured
    nay - may have to buy online, may be a tad too big for me

    Alma ($900 US - will buy brand new from the store)
    yay - can buy from the store, very classy, not seen frequently
    nay - can't think of one so far...leather bottom may get scratched? top may be hard to get in/out of?? Not sure

    Triana ($1,360 US - will buy online)
    yay - very classy bag, very unique shape
    nay - will definitely have to buy from eBay etc, a little too squarish

  2. I love the Damier Alma -- so classic and understated and it works with everything. Get the Alma!
  3. Alma - it's absolutely stunning. I wouldn't worry about the leather bottom.. unless you frequently enjoy the freedom of being able to kick-scoot your canvas bag along the floor without worrying over scratches, I'm sure it'll never be an issue for you!

    My second choice would be the Triana, but that Alma is such a classy, classic shape, I love it. Oooh and that hot red interior.... *faints* :drool:
  4. The Alma gets my vote. This bag looks really classy and elegant.
  5. I say get the Speedy

    I have one Azur and one Mono and they are two totally different bags to me-
  6. I vote for the Alma since you like it. The Triana isn't very large, are you sure your sunglasses would fit? The Ribera is very structured and large, love it but. Speedy 25 and a bulky sunglasses case? Pushing it, I think! [You will love the Saleya!]
  7. I vote for the speedy 25. I don't have one yet, but its next on my wish list ;)
  8. I'd go with the Ribera. It's a great shape and you don't see it around often.
  9. I have the Ribera mm. It is a great bag. But please watch out for the zipper when retrieving stuff from the bag when the zipper is not fully pulled down both sides. I don't have Alma, someone I know has it. It is a very classy bag. Easier to retrieve things from inside out when the zipper is 3/4 down both sides and is softer than the Ribera. But the four corners might get rubbed off. Good luck on your bag hunting :heart:
  10. Umm...I think the Speedy and the Triana will both hold the sunglasses case...they are both decently big bags and the sunglasses case isn't as big as tupperware or anything.
  11. It's looking Almalicious, Karman! :graucho:
  12. i vote for alma.... it is very classy and more special than the others.. also in damier you do not need to be scared of the vanchetta bottom so much like the mono...
  13. This was tough but I voted to the Ribera MM, in second running is the Alma, then the Speedy. I'm not a fan of the Triana (although I have not seen it IRL).
  14. I vote for the Ribera...I like the shape of it.
  15. vote for damier speedy 25
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