Which damier ebene bag should I get?

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  1. I am torn between 3 bags, they are: Trevi; Evora; or Belmont. What do you guys think?
  2. I have the Evora and have only great things to say about it. I don't know much about the Belmont, though. Trevi is beautiful, but too heavy for me. The Evora is lightweight but equally beautiful. I use it for everything! I could go on and on with its nice features.
  3. The Trevi is the most beautiful DE bag imo. It looked better on the shelf than it did on me but I still drool over this bag when I see it in the store.
  4. I have the Trevi PM and Evora MM and they are different bags in my opinion. Evora is much bigger than the Trevi and can fit more...what will you get using the bag for? I've seen the Belmont and its more of a tote style....
  5. tough choice but i would probably skip the belmont . i believe i read that the nomad leather shows scratches very easily. that would probably bug me. the evora seems like a really nice bag. i like the trevi but the opening might be a little small. good luck with your decision.
  6. Evora
  7. Evora! It's on my wish list for later on
  8. I vote for Trevi. I love love love my Trevi. I don't really find it that heavy and that seems to be one of the complaints for this bag.
  9. Trevi
  10. I have the trevi in the gm and I think it is an amazingly beautiful bag. It's such a ladylike bag. I do have to say I have been eyeing the evora though. :smile: tough decision.
  11. trevi or evora
  12. I LOVE my Evora. She's so much lighter than I would have thought for a bag that size. I also love the zipper in the front for putting my phone and keys in.
  13. My vote is for Trevi.
  14. I have the trevi and the evora and they are really different in style. I couldn't decide either so I got both....😜 sorry - no help here! 😊
  15. I pick the Trevi. I find it the most beautiful out of all the choices.