Which Damier color do you like better?

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  1. So, I'm contemplating getting my first LV. I like the Damier print a little better than the monogram print because I feel like it's different and not as widely replicated. So my question to you guys is, which color do you like better, the azur or ebony?

    I'm young and I'm not worried about what matches things more. Thank you all for your help!

    P.S.- It will probably be a speedy 30 if some of you make the decision based off of the style of the bag. TIA!
  2. Azur gets my vote for u
  3. Azur for a Speedy!
  4. I love both colors but I voted for azur because thats what i prefer for summer! My ebene damier gets lots of use during winter! Both are very versatile and easy to match! Love them both!
  5. ^^I know, they're both lovely, that's why I'm so torn!
  6. I'm a self-proclaimed Azur addict; it's my most favorite LV pattern of all time :smile:
  7. I voted Azur. I love them both. I am also getting my first LV soon in October and its going to be a speedy 35 in the damier print so congrats.:tup: I am planning on getting the damier ebony because it will be fall and go better with my wardrobe then. But I am planning on buying the galliera in the azur in march for my 21st bday present.:yahoo: You will have to show everyone your bag once you get it.
  8. I have both, most in Ebony
    I love Azur,that's why it gets my vote

    How about Damier Graphite?
  9. I LOVE the graphite, but I didn't see it in the speedy :sad:
  10. azur!
  11. I only vote for Azur because I'm not into Ebene (yet)... and Azur is great for summer! ;)

    p.s. there's no graphite in speedy yet...
  12. That's my thing, do you guys think the azur is too summery? Like I wouldn't be able to rock it in the winter?
  13. i like the damier because i just dont want a bag with too much "upkeep" or that will patina. i think that to get the Azur to get a good patina would be hard work but for me the Ebene can look as good after 6 years or 6 months if care is taken.
  14. Damier Ebene
  15. yes, like wigglytuff, i prefer ebony more - due to patina & maintenance issue. ebene looks more classy, but yes, azur is more casual. again, it's up to you to decide, dianaa!:P