Which Damier bag should I get next?

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Which Damier Bag?

  1. Duomo

  2. Speedy 30

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  1. Ok so I have $680 in elux credit. And I want to get a new bag. I think I should get something in Damier since winter/the rain is coming soon.

    I can't decide between a Duomo and a Speedy 30. :shrugs: Please help me decide. Any input about the bags would be great too!

  2. Get the Duomo :nuts:! it's a beautiful bag in real life, and it's not as common as the Speedy. if i didn't already have the Speedy 25 i'd get that, but they look a bit similar somehow
  3. I have both. The Duomo is so beautiful. The speedy is more everyday whereas the duomo can be dressier or everyday either one. If I could only have one, I'd pick the Duomo. It's more structured than the speedy and a lot more money. The speedy holds a lot more, though. The Duomo takes my breath away even now when I look at it. Let us see pics when you get one or the other!
  4. Definitely, get the Duomo. It's a much more structured bag, it just sort of exudes classiness. Plus, it has that lovely soft red alcantara lining!
  5. Well, in light of the issues people seems to report with their Damier Speedy linnings, I would say Duomo! But, have you considered something from the Epi line, like an Epi Speedy? :love: They are just as all weather as the Damier bags.
  6. another vote for the duomo!
  7. Duomo or Belem MM!
  8. Depends on your budget. If money is no object, go for the Duomo.
  9. I like the Speedy just as well and it is half the price - you could get a mono speedy too and have two bags for the price of the Duomo
  10. Duomo! That's a gorgeous bag!
  11. Definitely get the DUOMO!!! I have one and it's a beautiful Damier piece.
  12. definitely the duomo. it's more unique, has no lining issue, and more structured!
  13. i like the speedy better
  14. duomo handsdown :smile:
  15. get the duomo!! it is so elegant and not as common as the speedy =)