Which damier azur for next bag?


Nov 7, 2015
I would want to have the length carrying options with the Neonoe. I would also love to be a hobo lovin gal but every one I’ve ever bought I’ve sold or do not use. Not sure why?? Both bags though look awesome in DA :smile:


Nov 25, 2007
I will use the bag all the time! I like the middle compartment of the neonoe for wallet and phone. I was going to get this bag originally in the mono print with black trim but then the azur and pink caught my eye. I saw a woman carrying the graceful yesterday and it looked so nice. Can’t afford both!


Nov 4, 2013
Both bags are pretty. Hard to decide.

I have the Graceful PM in DE and mono and love them so much. They’re roomy for what I want to use them for; have even attached a shoulder strap in the wintertime because it was snug with a coat.

The neoNoe is really pretty and there’s a middle pocket; like a divider where you can also put many items in it. The shoulder strap also has a bigger drop than the Graceful; however I’m not keen on bucket type bags on the shoulder.

Good luck in your decision.
Oct 5, 2018
I have Graceful and Petit Noe, love them both and can’t choose one over the other. Both will be in my collection forever. Sorry I can’t help you. if this helps, I use Graceful work, Noe outside work.
P.S. I know the Noe you’re looking at is different from mine. Good luck in deciding.

Pink Tulips

Jan 22, 2019
I just bought both in monogram the past 2 months. I have the monogram/rose in Neo Noe and monogram pm for the Graceful. The Neo Noe is super light to carry but what I am not enjoying about it is the middle pocket (very small so I only put my iPhone 8 in it/cles also) and probably having to just actually place things in their spot. I wish it wasn't there to provide more room. Hope this makes sense. In my opinion it is not a throw stuff in bag because I prefer little order and things need to go back in it's spot. I did buy Samorga organizers for mine to keep some order which helps. I bought the Graceful pm monogram/beige and I like how the strap stays on quite well for me. It's super lightweight as well. You will need to take the Graceful off your shoulder to dig inside the bag which I do not have to do with Neo noe. Both are great, lightweight bags. Good luck with your decision!