Which Damier Azur- Favorite MM or Speedy 30?

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Which Damier Azur??

  1. Favorite MM

  2. Speedy 30

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hi everyone! I'm obsessed with damier azur and am building my DA collection. I currently have a galliera pm, speedy 30 (unused), and an Eva (unused). I bought the Eva after my SA told me that the favorite mm wasn't coming out. Lo and behold, it's coming out at the end of this month!

    By now, I'm already really into the Eva bc I love the plate and the strap length is great. If i were to only have the Favorite, I'd probably by the Eva strap anyway. So my question is- should I exchange my Speedy or Eva? I know Eva and Favorite are so similar, but I really think I could love both. But I also love the speedy, I have the DE in speedy 30, but sweaty arms makes me a worry a little about the handheld nature. What should I do? TIA :biggrin:
  2. Keep the speedy ! If you can, get the favorite and keep both the eva and speedy. If not then return the eva for the fav :smile: hope you make the right choice
  3. Keep them all?? and get the favorite :biggrin: haha but I guess return the Eva for the favorite since it's pretty close. I DO love my eva though
  4. I would keep the speedy and return the Eva if you really want the Favorite. I love my speedy Azur.
  5. I say keep the Eva it's so dang beautiful!! I have the Eva in DE and love it, I'm also thinking of purchasing the Eva in azur. I love how it has a zipper unlike the favorite and I also love the plate on the Eva.
  6. speedy :smile:
  7. Speedy! I absolutely regretted selling my speedy b Azur.. I want her back!
  8. Definitely keep the speedy!
  9. I'd keep the Eva and Speedy and if you think you could love both, get the Favorite too. I do like the Eva best because of the zipper but the Favorite is a very pretty bag too.