Scarves Which CW easiest to read detail in Pegase d’Hermes?

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    Probably sounds crazy, but this is my biggest question in choosing a colorway for purchasing Pegase d’Hermes scarf: Which will reflect the greatest clarity of text and detail in drawings?

    I’ve access to only online photos, so it’s difficult (impossible?) to be sure which CW would be easiest to read, much easier actually to anticipate which CW would look less great against my skin tone.

    So far, the black & gold is winning for flexibility and least clash with any wardrobe selection.

    Thoughts from owners and admirers of Pegase d’Hermes?
  2. Do you have photos of the options?
  3. I am hoping to hear from people who’ve seen more than one of the PdH CWs in person. The clarity of any online photo is affected by photographer, focus, lighting, etc.

    It could be just that simple, really—that all the CWs are crisp and clear IRL, just mediocre photos in sales/auction listings. It wouldn't help to repeat those here.
  4. Sorry I’m new to H and I was just curious what that scarf looks like. I see a few variations of that specific name.
  5. The White one CW 07 Blanc/ Sepia/ Rouge
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  6. I have purple and the script is difficult to read.
    I did have terracotta , it was easier.However I find the script itself effortful to read.
  7. All the ones with white background are easier to read, but those with coloured background are very stunning. The 140 Pegase en Bloc is probably harder to read since it had another pattern overlaid.
    I don't think I've ever read the words on my Pegase.... :amuse:
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  8. 119E0D39-644A-4FD1-A6E6-ABC88555DCA0.png
    Apologies! Sharing image from website.Comes in several colorways.
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  9. Yes! The new one on looks impossible.

    And my pallid complexion feared y’all would say the white background the better choice. Maybe I need two....((rabbit hole)
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  10. Perhaps you can consider this cw in very pale pink, not as stark as white.
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  11. nice choice, a near merging of the best from both the pale rose and the fuschia violet!
    First time I’ve seen this approach. Usually it’s been examples of strongly colored horses on strong color bkgrds or strictly line drawings on pale.
  12. A comparison shot for you: mustard cw vs pale pink. The design is actually quite distinct on the mustard gold as it is not very dark.
  13. yet another new CW for me! thk u!
  14. Online The terracotta definitely looks easier to read than fuschia. It appears also the less expensive/sought per supply/demand.
  15. It’s okay! Thanks!! I bought something similar from the store but it is Le Pegase D’Hermes au bloc.... so I was wondering but I don’t think they are the same thing.