Which Cute Knockabout Spring/Summer Bag?


Which Bag Would You Choose?

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Sharpei bag in White

  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Tote

  3. LV Popincourt Long Bag

  4. None, save your money for that one special purse, whatever it may be

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm thinking of breaking my purse ban next month and buying a spring/summer purse. While a part of me wants the cute, trendy purse, another part of me wants one that I can still use a couple of years from now. Which one should I get?

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Sharpei bag in white or Miss Marc Tote

    or Popincourt Long Bag?

  2. I really like that first bag!
  3. Another vote for the first one
  4. I vote for the LV. I don't think it's as spring/summery, but I like it better than the other 2.
  5. I really like the first one too. The second one is cheeky though!
  6. They are all nice...the first two are more springy/ summery ....but I really prefer the popincourt. I am a LV girl at heart.
  7. I voted the sharpei, though imo it looks the worst in white. Get the sharpei but in a different colour!!
  8. The Miss Marc tote.
  9. Funny, but when I went to Bloomingdales and looked at the bags, I hated the white one until I tried it on. The turquoise-blue color was gorgeous, but for some reason, I liked the way the white one looked on me. The caramel color looks like baby crap on me. I do like the turquoise one, though, so I might get that one instead.
  10. I really like the Marc by Marc Jacobs Sharpei...it's such an unusual shape. I could never do white but if it works for you, I say go for it!
  11. I love the sharpei. The white is kinda blah for me. The blue looks so good online. You should get the blue.