Which current scarf artists are your favourite?

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  1. I'm relatively new to Hermes scarves (but oh falling so hard), and it's been interesting to note that I'm drawn to particular types of designs (fantastical themes, flowers, classics - not so much abstracts), and so there are generally some artists like Jan Batjik I'm more drawn to.

    Who are your favourite present-day artists?
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    I don’t remember if there already is an existing thread with similar topic, but my answer is Daiske Nomura of the current artists. Other favourites are Aline Honoré and Cathy Latham.
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  3. Currently, I would say Alice Shirley, Aline Honore, and Pierre Marie. They are all so talented! I also love Kermit Oliver! It is really difficult to choose...It really depends on each season and my mood or clothing choice for scarf accessorizing. Sometimes I like minimal designs and other times, I like intricate.
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  4. Robert Dallet :heart:
  5. DALLET + CATS + HERMES = :love:
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  6. Ugo gattoni and Toutsy, plus many others. As @Ladybaga mentioned. Season, design and my mood influence me too!!:flowers:
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  7. Exactly :love:
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