Which cucciolo should I keep?

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  1. I ended up getting two amore cucciolos from nordstrom and I'm debating about which one to keep. I've been staring at them and going back and forth between the two. On one Bastardino's barely on the front and the other Sandy's not on the front. What do you think? First one: [​IMG] Second one: [​IMG]
  2. I like the 2nd one better, it seems less repetitive.
  3. I prefer the second one! :yes:
  4. the 2nd one for me.
  5. I like #2
  6. I like the first one, but I love Bastardino&Polpettina.
    CACTUS LOVE!!:heart::heart:
  7. number 2!!
  8. I love bastardino and polpettina but I'm going to vote for #2 because the hot pink heart with the koi fishes really make the colors pop .. plus i like how it has the love birds.
  9. I like number 2
  10. i prefer the 2nd one too..wayyy too many milk in the 1st..
  11. Definitely #2 for me !
  12. Hi - I'm new to the board - but would you be willing to sell the one you don't want? I've been looking for one, but I didn't want to buy one from Ebay. Puuhhlleeeaasseee?? :crybaby: Thank you thank you thank you! (Toki-obsessed)
  13. welcome to the forum lingling!! :smile:
  14. I would pick the 2nd one coz it's less repetitive. Both are cute IMO :biggrin:
  15. Thanks TokidokiAngel! I knew it was bad when my example of a sentence for "fanatic" for my high school kids in English class was "Miss. Lee is a Tokidoki fanatic." I then proceeded to show them my Amore bag so they could see what Tokidoki was. :wtf: