Which Cruise Bag Do I Get????

  1. My LV store has the CABAS GM in stock..they also have the smaller one ,too..BUT I adore large bags..My SA seems to think the GM is too big though for everyday...NEED your opinions!!HELP!
    Plus I love the charms that the gM bag has..the smaller one doesnt have the charms...argh...

    The measurments for the GM are 17x12x7 and the pm are 13x9x6.

    I have had a rough week....want a bag..but cant see it IRL(store is too far away),so Im gonna order over the phone..Which bag...especially if you have seen it IRL..do you think is best??
  2. I loved the PM without the charms. The GM is huge and there is a lot going on with all the dangling goodies!
  3. I like the pleaty the most out of all of them. How tall are you? Cause I think the BIG one is cool if you're tall otherwise I think it'll just swamp you.
  4. Im 5 '6 1/2.......I just dont want the bag to look like Im carrying LUGGAGE...LOL...KWIM?
  5. And I :heart: vvve big bags... Even the Saleya was too big for me.

    With measurements like that I would rather see the cabas cruise IRL before making a decision.

    There is too much going on... Try it on... go with what make your :heart: thumps...
  6. ^ Its hard to order one without seeing it..I agree..However..we had a death in the family last week..and I havent slept in like a week..LOL..so traveling to the LV store is SO NOT in my agenda at the moment!!Sleep deprived and way behind in everything here!
    Anyone seen both bags and have some insight for me????PUH-LEASE???SNIFF??
    Yes..Jill is in handbag withdrawal mode...LMAO...
  7. ^WOW-Those last pics make it(The GM ) look HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for posting!
    Maybe Ill order the smaller one now..I hate decisions..LOL..
  8. i love the smaller one
    that makes me want it ):
  9. What about the Port Epaul MM? I have that one (you can see a photo in the denim club thread) and it is still really large, yet not as big as the Cabo GM, which is way to big. I carried it today, my DH really likes it and was commenting on what a functional bag it is.

    ETA: The Cabo does feel luggage like, the Epaule MM is on the boarder for me, but I usually carry bags in the speedy 25 range. HTHs
  10. I was considering the cruise denim... but after the gm saleya... think IRL before any purchases...:crybaby:

    ooohhh... LV makes deciding soooo hard....:sad:
  11. Steph..how much was your MM???
    I think thats one the one he has in the store..it holds alot?
  12. [​IMG]

    Here is STEPHS PIC..with the MM IN IT!
  13. Jill just get both... you deserve them!! :heart: I like the smaller by way of the pics :yes:
  14. ^HA!HA!HA!
    Not after what I just spent in PARIS!
    ...Plus we had HUGE expenses(caterers...etc..) from the funeral so Im trying to just buy one bag and actually be GOOD ...for once!