Which cross body bag?

  1. Which cross body LV bag do you recommend and why?:confused1:
  2. I like the Trocadero 27, because it's easy to open with the zip und looks very good with Jeans or an elegant outfit. That's my favorite city bag.
  3. ...and the Trocadero ist not to heavy for the shoulder!:tup:
  4. Thanks atlantic, I was thinking I could were a cross body bag on my good shoulder and still be able to open it on my right side.I will look at the Trocadero.
  5. i like Trocadero 27 too :heart:.
    if u don't mind small bag Viva Cite PM is really cute too!
  6. That's a good idea !! I have also problems with my (both!) shoulders, that's why i like the cross body bags so much for every day! They are really agreable. Let me know, if you have try out the Trocadero and give me report how you find it!
  7. I have the Musette in mono & I :heart::heart::heart: it !!! It's a very practical bag...
  8. i like Damier Tango, it looks so chic!
  9. The Musette is a very nice bag, i had also one of it. But if somebody has problems with the shoulder, its easyer to open the bag by a zip. The Musette have a very high "flap" to open the bag (i hope you understand what i'll say!!:rolleyes:) and that's difficult sometimes when you have shoulderpain!
  10. Tulum GM is my number 1 cross body bag. It is so elegant yet very roomy and comfortable to wear. I strongly recommend the Tulum GM!
  11. Thanks for all the info. Keep it coming if you have anymore ideas. I am writing a list with all your suggestions and I will take it with me next time I go. The Sa at LV told me they were going to have a party in June and that she would send me an invite. So I'm going to try to save enough to buy one at the party.
  12. I think the baggy pm or gm with the longer strap is a good choice .. I REALLY like the denim bum bag (i know it is a waist bag):p
  13. I like the Trocadero too! If only it came in Damier...or Mini Lin
  14. My suggestions:
    -Denim Baggy GM
    -Bosphore Messenger PM
    -Musette Tango
  15. The marly bandouliere, although I'm still confused as to whether this bag is discontinued or not. I used to have this bag until the straps broke and I sold it. I still miss it...it was so cute and the strap was made of canvas, not vachetta.

    The viva-cite pm is cute, but I thought it was difficult to get in and out of, so I sold that one, too. :push:

    I'm still wishing for a cross-body bag...I really like the look of the trocadero, danube, and ipanema pm. ;)