Which Croc Bag to Get?

  1. (I'm reposting this thread from shopping to here for more responses.)

    Hi there,

    I've been looking at a black 32 croc kelly and a brown barenia croc 30 birkin on Createursdeluxe. They're both drop dead gorgeous. Currently, I have an etoupe 30 birkin and a gold 32 kelly. I find myself loving the kelly stylistically, but reach for the birkin every time I run out the door. My PO fell through. I don't think I'll be getting any croc bags from H directly.

    So, I have some questions for the wonderful members on this forum.

    1. Which one would be a better addition to my current collection? I really want a timeless piece that I can enjoy for decades to come.
    2. What are reasonable price ranges on these two items? I don't mind paying a reasonable markup for the bags. I also don't plan to visit Paris anytime soon- hence calculate in taxes, waiting time, and markup.
    3. Which croc will wear better overtime? Shiny vs. matte? Will the shine wear off over time? Will the matte get scratched up more easily than the shiny?

    I see my grandma with her vintage black kelly and I'm so jealous. I really want something I can treasure so such a long time. Even though it's the nurse carrying it most of the time!
    980Birkin_xlg.jpg 954Kelly_sm.jpg
  2. IMHO, I'd go with the Black 32cm Croc Kelly...it seems more versatile. :tup: But, what's your style? Do you wear a lot of black? browns? neutrals? Casual? Dressy? You already have two neutral bags...so maybe black would be good?

    I had a dream that I had a black croc...stuffed full! I think it must be Angel's post and all her new gorgeous croc bags that caused the dream! :graucho: Because I know I'll never have one in this lifetime....

    I'll leave the croc Q&A to the experts!

    Good luck with your decision GL!!! ;)
  3. I'm sure I'll be the lone vote for this bag, but I love the Birkin. :drool:
  4. I vote for the black kelly. I am more a kelly than a birkin girl. There is nothing more classic than a black croc kelly. It's a combination that will last generations. With an etoupe and a gold, the black will be a great addition to your collection.

    As to prices, it really depends on the year, the condition, etc. I have seen vintage croc kellys from US$10,000 to $18,000. For something this expensive, it may be worthwhile to get it from an H boutique. I understand about the wait, etc., but nothing beats a croc bag coming directly from the boutique that is made especially for you.
  5. I'm gonna have to agree with preppycowgirl - the 32 Croc Kelly would be very would be very versatile and is very pretty, but which bag would you use more? I know you said you love the Kelly, but you also said you reach for the birkin more often. I guess the question is which bag will you love and use? I'm sorry I don't have any anwers for your other questions. Good luck and happy shopping!
  6. How old are you? Would you eventually consider the option of a matte croc instead of shiny in black?
    Both your choices are two staples, but maybe a black matte croc birkin 30cm could be a mix between these two, and a good choice as well. I'm sure one will eventually pop up in the reseller's lists with time.
  7. i would pick the croc kelly for now, but that's bc i don't have a croc birkin "yet"! i'm really no help! sorry! i just love croc PERIOD! LOL!!
  8. What about a black croc birkin? I would add black to round out your collection.
  9. I'm more of a croc birkin fan as I'm not mentally ready to own a Kelly yet. The glaze will disappear over time but there's still debate over whether you can have it reglazed. My SA says no but some on the forum have said yes.

    Last but not least, as for wear, I think glazed and matte are pretty equal as far as durability.

    Good luck! Anything croc is good in my book.
  10. IMO, exotics in general are much more formal that non exotics. But, since you use your Birkin much more than you Kelly, then I'd go for a Birk in croc. As for the details, I can't help you there.... good luck and please post pics once you get your new addition!
  11. You already have your "workhorse" bags (your gold kelly and etoupe birkin). When it comes to croc bags, I'll say go with your heart's desire..........
  12. since the gold and etoupe bags you currently have are in the BROWN color family, i'll go with the black croc kelly. you'll be amazed how wearble this shiny croc is even for a casual affair!
  13. Croc Kelly. It is a deep wish fulfillment in so many ways :flowers:
  14. Grande Latte, In my humble opinion, I'd go for the kelly. I think it's more versatile. But which ever you decide, will be beautiful.
  15. Grande Latte both bags are gorgeous, you can't go wrong with either one,but based on your current colors, black would be lovely addition & since you seem to grab the birkin more, I second Asa's suggestion, black croc birkin.....