Which Croc Bag Should I Get?

  1. Hi there,

    I've been looking at a black 32 croc kelly and a brown barenia croc 30 birkin on Createursdeluxe. They're both drop dead gorgeous. Currently, I have an etoupe 30 birkin and a gold 32 kelly. I find myself loving the kelly stylistically, but reach for the birkin every time I run out the door. My PO fell through. I don't think I'll be getting any croc bags from H directly.

    So, I have some questions for the wonderful members on this forum.

    1. Which one would be a better addition to my current collection? I really want a timeless piece that I can enjoy for decades to come.
    2. What are reasonable price ranges on these two items? I don't mind paying a reasonable markup for the bags. I also don't plan to visit Paris anytime soon- hence calculate in taxes, waiting time, and markup.
    3. Which croc will wear better overtime? Shiny vs. matte? Will the shine wear off over time? Will the matte get scratched up more easily than the shiny?

    I see my grandma with her vintage black kelly and I'm so jealous. I really want something I can treasure so such a long time. Even though it's the nurse carrying it most of the time!:yes:

    I'm SO confused. Please help!
    954Kelly_sm.jpg 980Birkin_xlg.jpg
  2. This really is a decision you can only answer for your lifestyle.

    I have a 32 black croc kelly and I have carried it twice, once to see the Lion King and the other to go to the mall (just because I found I never carried it). I decided the birkin is really more for me. So I just bought that 35 matte croc birkin. Now I struggle if I should keep the kelly as its a lot of money to keep in a box.

    As far as shiny or matte, that has been debated a lot. I think shiny goes well with kelly as I see both the kelly and shiny as more formal and matte for the birkin as both matte and birkins seem more everyday.

    I asked about durability in a thread last week I dont know how to link it to this but its under Hermes and called Durability Matte vs Shiny clear up the contradiction and its currently on page 4 about half way down. Summary - they both can be fragile with water but if you take care of them they will last generations. Neither seems to be more durable than the other
  3. GLatte - I think if you post this question in the main H forum and not the shopping sub-forum more people will see your question and answer you. Perhaps someone else has had the same problem.:tup:
  4. Will do. thanks!
  5. I would go for the Barenia Matte Croc Birkin.

    First of all, I prefer matte for an everyday bag. I have myself a shiny croc Kelly, which hasn't left the house, not once.. It's absolutely gorgeous to look at, but I'm scared to take it out! :push: However I haven't been as shy with my matte croc Birkin, which I love to wear.

    Good luck in your decision and hope you'll get an absolute dream bag!!! :tup: