Which Crimson Red Bag?

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Need your input for which Crimson Red Bag?

  1. Madison Patent Shoulder Bag 15991

  2. Madison Patent Large Sophia Satchel 15915

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi, I need your input. I am trying to decide between the Crimson Red Madison Patent Large Shoulder Bag 15991 or the Madison Patent Large Sophia Satchel 15915?
    Sorry I don't have pictures on here to show you without going to the website.
  2. That's hard. Depending on how you want to use your bag I guess.

    I like 15991 than the Sophia just because Sophia never looked good on me so I'm being biased. Try on both bags at the store and see what looks best on you.
  3. I voted for the Madison Shoulder Bag, but thats only because I have it... I'd say it really depends on what type of style and size of bag you want. They are both extremely different...
  4. I highly dislike the shape of the sophia, so I voted for the shoulder bag. I just think it looks better all around.
  5. I ordered the shoulder bag but the patent made it seem really stiff. I didn't like that so I went to the store and exchanged it for the large Sophia. I'm still not real sure about it but I love this color so I'm kind of torn on what to do.
  6. I think it really depends on whether you prefer a shoulder bag or a satchel. I don't think the Sophia looks as good as a shoulder bag as it does a satchel. Both are totally gorgeous, so you really can't lose no matter which one you pick. :smile:
  7. Madison Patent Large Sophia Satchel 15915 - Only because it has a bit less orange at its base.

    But really the difference is barely there and they are both Crimson...
  8. That shoulder bag is HUGE! So unless you like your bags really large and can pull it off, I vote for the Sophia
  9. The shoulder bag is huge but it's definitely got that wow factor ... I vote for the shoulder bag, either way both styles look fab in the patent crimson.
  10. i agree, seems pretty big IRL. I vote for the sophia.
  11. I tried on the shoulder bag and it swallowed me up. I am 5'2 but is is a big girl :smile:
  12. I voted for the shoulder bag. I don't care much for the shape of the Sophia. I tried on the shoulder bag over the weekend and it's beautiful!
  13. Wow, this is a hard one. OP they are both Gorgeous!!!
  14. Shoulder bag! The sophia looks awkward carried as a shoulder bag.. the handles hang funny.