Which Couture designer is the best?


Who is the best Couture designer?

  1. Donatella Versace (Versace Atelier)

  2. Elie Saab

  3. John Galliano (Christian Dior)

  4. other

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  1. Which Haute Couture fashion designer is the best for you????
    Do you like Haute Couture - Top of the Fashion?? Do you like the most beautiful evening gowns sewed by hands (sewing machines are prohibited) covered by diamonds, sapphires, topases, emeralds, amethysts and rubies? Do you like perfect dresses that were sewed by 10 people for many weeks? Do you like dresses which astronomical prizes are from 20 000$ to 60 000$??
    And which designer is the best?
    Donatella Versace with fairy gowns, so beautiful, glamorous, sexi and luxurious?
    Or Elie Saab with perfect velvet dresses which looks just like heaven?
    Or Christian Dior with perfect extravagant clothes with great details done by master of fashion Mr. John Galliano?
    Or someone other???
  2. Vote America :smile:
  3. If I could choose (and money were no object) I'd go with VINTAGE anything. Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, etc.
  4. I like most of the pictures you posted, except for the Versace. I find their models disturbing.
  5. oh, i'm glad, that you like it :smile:
  6. :smile:) you vote Dior.. He's great.
  7. It's between two for me Narciso Rodriguez and Carolina Herrera
  8. I vote dior though I like some of the colors on versace but dior is just so different.
  9. I LOVE the elie saab, but that collection is losing in the polls:sad: Honestly, I think that last row of dior is kind of scary. Oh well, different styles for everyone...
  10. I might be in the minority, but I loooove Elie Saab. The collection above is gorgeous, but still does him no justice. I have always liked his couture, even before Halle Berry made him famous with her Oscar award winning dress.
  11. Dreamy Dior for me :love:
  12. i LOVEEEE Dior!!
  13. Elie Saab for me!!
  14. Dior.
  15. I voted Versace. I really like the baby pink dress in the second row.