Which couple ring for V Day? Clash of Titans!

  1. Hiya gals

    Thinking of secretly buying 2 matching rings for me and DH to celebrate our 6th V Day together, and this yr is extra special since we finally got our baby boy! Hopefully this pair of rings can be given to him (baby son, not husband) and his partner someday! Which do u ladies lurve?

    Choice A: Love from Cartier. I love LOVE! But it looks a tad like our wedding bands. And its the most expensive among the list. Still, its LOVE!! :heart: And cartier is numero uno in the world of jewelry.

    Choice B: Bzero1. Quite loud! But fun! Bvlgari is number two in the world of jewelry! And this ring has a springy mechanism for playing around with.

    Choice C: Bvlgari Astrale! I love it! It looks sooo opulent! But can my husband wear it? A tad odd on him?

    Choice D: Georg Jensen Magic Ring. Oww I love the name. And the shape is cute. But will it look odd on my husband?

    Choice E: Georg Jensen Fusion Ring! So fun, u can stack them up and mix and match! And can buy more and more bands when I have spare cash but each segment is abt 500 (but the diamonds encrusted ones cost 2000-3000). (Each ring below is actually made of 3 segments).
  2. I really like the first two, I don't think many guys could pull c or d off. E is ok but not sure what a guy would think.
  3. D and E are my absolute favorites! Not sure if they're right for a guy, but I guess it depends on his personality. They are both outstanding rings! Very unique.
  4. Definitely Cartier. I love this ring.
  5. i like all of them but the astrale.
    my favorites are the george jensen ones.
  6. A ... a classic!
  7. they are all sooo nice! but for some reason E really catches my eye. plus you can get just one color for guys so its not as flashy as the diamonds
  8. B!!!

    I'm a huge Bvlgari fan!
  9. I was all for the Cartier love ring until I saw choice D! I dont know how that would look on a guy but it's definitely a head turner on a lady! simply GORGEOUS.

    and congrats on your baby boy :love:
  10. D&E are my favorites. They're very unique. I feel like Cartier & Bvlgari are too trendy right now.
  11. I like A & D.

    Congrats on your baby boy. I think it'd be adorable if you passed the rings on to the next generation.
  12. Choice E. i like the idea of you having the middle stackable and him the other two. since its like you guys have rings that fit with one another, symbolizing 1. Him with the 2 for him and his son and you with the middle since you complete it.
  13. the last two are very nice
  14. I agree. I'm partial to this one b/c my cousin and his partner both have this ring and it looks so good on them. And my cousin has the matching necklace!!
  15. i like choice A