Which country...

  1. ... can we buy brand spankin' new Bbags cheapest :confused1:
  2. I'm guessing Paris?
  3. Paris prices are the same as US prices without taxes I think... So if you buy, say from Bal NY which I think* doesn't charge extra taxes, you're even with Paris pricing.
  4. Well its definately not the UK......Our prices are crazy!!!!!!!! A first is gbp 675 (roughly $1300 usd!!!!!!!!!). I buy from BalNY and even with import it comes out a tiny bit cheaper if not the same! and I dont have a silly wait for the UK to get anything in!!! I would of thought somewhere like Pais would of been cheaper for me but they never have anything I want. I just get a no every time i ring up!
  5. hmm... I'm wondering too... just started a thread on first pony-hair... it's AUD1990 here in Australia!!!!
  6. Gosh! I hope we find out from this thread :yes: