Which country should I go to get cheaper Louis?

  1. I'm a newly born Louis fan. Just bought 3 items in less than a month. First, a Speedy 25 Damier, Groom key/coin pouch (don't know what's the right name for it) then Onatah PM (brown cresent shaped one). My recent purchase is the Azur Agenda on the day of the launch. From the end of October till now (early November), I think I've been at the local Louis boutique every week. I'm really addict to Louis.

    Can someone please tell me the best place/country to buy Louis? I heard France is good. Is that true? And if so, how good is it? Any ranking of countries? I'm located in Australia.

    I've got a feeling that this is a long term addiction. Heeellllp!
  2. France is the least expensive :smile:
  3. France is the cheapest. I think anywhere in Asia is the most expensive.
  4. france it is..
  5. France is the most affordable!
  6. Really, France? And I always hear it´s such an expensive country!
  7. France, after all, it is Vuitton's home ! :graucho:
  8. France... I know from my own experience.
  9. i think singapore is relatively cheap too!!
  10. Wonderful! How much cheaper is France and Singapore?
  11. I'd like to know too--I'm prob going to France for my HM in July
  12. You can see the French prices here: Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer

    subtract 12.5% of the listed price -- that is the amount you are returned when you leave Europe if you ask for a VAT form.
  13. WOW!! If my math is correct, after taxes refunded, the Saleya GM comes to $830 USD if purchased in France, compared to $1,120 if purchased in the US! I am SO taking my honeymoon in Paris now. It's official, lol.
  14. And a Speedy 25 would come to $444.50...that is awesome!
  15. France here I come! For my honeymoon as well! 12.5% is really good... I better start my list... hmmm.... hmmm... hmmm.... too many! I can't decide where to start!