which country has the lowest LV prices?

  1. i'm planning to buy a reade pm in pomme, but our local LV boutique is approx. us$200 more expensive than elux. i used to think hongkong has the lowest prices until a friend bought a belem from dubai and its $60 cheaper than HK.. then, my other friend says paris offers the lowest prices in LV.. is this true? since LV is from France?:confused1: cause if it is i'm gonna be patient and ask her to buy it for me..:graucho: i need to know so i can have $100-200 savings..

    i bought my mini pleaty in our local store at approx us$830 and its only $705 in elux.. but i don't regret buying it coz lichen was long gone in elux. ;)
  2. Paris. Champs Elysses, my no. 1 favorite LV store in the whole wideworld!
  3. Thanks, neat info...

    Does it vary state-to-state in the US, too? I remember reading a thread somewhere that implied Hawaii might be less expensive?

    Does anyone know if it ever varies within a state?:huh:
  4. then i'm definitely gonna ask my friend to get me that pomme reade! thanks!:yahoo:
  5. Hawaii is a bit cheaper than everywhere else in the US, but besides Hawaii, everywhere else in the US has the same price (the elux price).
  6. paris and venice are the cheapest. Of the two, i don't know which place is cheaper. But I'm having my friend buy the 2007 Cruise mini pleaty raye customise for me when she goes to venice next month. YIPEE!!
  7. wow! great info!
  8. France! ;)
  9. France I think is the cheapest. It's where its from, after all :smile:
  10. I agree with the other posters here. From my personal experience, France is the cheapest place to buy LV. Make sure your friend turns in the VAT refund form at the airport before she leaves France, so you can get the tax back from the purchase.
  11. That is a funny question!! Today I ordered speedy 30 ....yipppy yippy!! My hubby is traveling to Saudi Arabia so i checked there.... I checked here in germany (paris is the same ) and the USA !! The winner is .... Germany!! :yahoo:

    Europe is definatly the best!!