Which country has the cheapest Chanel?

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  1. Please don't say China. :supacool:

    I'm just wondering cos it's cheaper to get LV in France. So now, I'm wondering about Chanel.

    And does Chanel go on sale?

    Where do I buy Chanel from Australia? Is Singapore a good destination to get luxury goods at a good? Price?
  2. Definitely France. It's 30% cheaper than from Singapore and US. Yuo get 5% tax rebate in Singapore, but it doesn't amount to much at all.
  3. More reasons to go to France now.
  4. Hi, I am from Singapore! Don't come over to buy cos we only have 1 miserable chanel here and everything is always out of stock!!! So only the million dollar spenders who have their names high on the wait list need apply.

  5. depends where you live. cheaper in france if you're from aus because you don't get charged VAT, you will still get taxed on our end. i would find out the RRP+ shipping first and work out the final price. it might only be marginally cheaper.

  6. :wtf: OMG!... Serious? Out of stock? I remember dino years ago when i was in Singapore Chanel, I was not impressed witht he service. OH well, hopefully things changed. Does Chanel ever go on sale?

    Well, look on the bright side. Singapore has more luxury stores compared to Perth! There's only 1 Louis Vuitton and 1 Gucci in Perth! Absolutely nowhere to shop! Only option is Louis cos I'm notinterested in Gucci. BUt I'm bored of Louis now....
  7. i'm still not impressed with the service. :Push: haven't found the right SA yet i reckon.

    chanel singapore isn't that bad, though! I always seem to find what i want.

    bags aren't a lot cheaper in singapore, i don't think. But definitely cheaper (but by how much, i can't be sure) than australia, if i'm not mistaken!

    p.s. my friend tells me its cheaper to buy chanel in hong kong because its "tax/duty free"?
  8. Yes, Hong Kong does not charge import taxes, so it is slightly cheaper.
    But nothing compared to France. I always love getting the tax refund at the airport, makes me feel less guilty about my purchases!
  9. France is also cheaper than Italy! A french girl from PF told me she paid 910 euro for east west while here it's 1010 euro!
  10. France of course! Purchased the 2.55 reissue for about 20% cheaper than here in the US.
  11. yep, shopping in paris is better...three years ago, i bought a bunch of stuff at the LV on Champs Elysees, and included in my purchases was a monogram canvas porte-tresor international for 395 euros, and now it costs $495 USD...my mother also bought a chanel east west for a little over 900 euros...i'd go crazy over there!!

    i still feel that the US is the best place to shop....you think SA's are rude here in the states, they are 10 times worse overseas
  12. I guess shopping in Hong Kong is pretty nice. The price is cheaper than in the US and they have more Chanel stores than in Singapore

  13. tax refund?
    how to get that?

    never gone to France though.hehehe
  14. With any purchase above 175 euros in France from the same store, you can get back the detaxe which ranges from 10% to 14%. Depending on the store. You just fill out the paper work in the store and bring it to the inspection desk at the airport on your way out and have it stamped and processed. They'll want to see the goods, so make sure it is handy. Thereafter, they give you the detaxe in cash or into your credit card (takes 3 months). It's easy and it always works.
  15. Very interesting thread. I have wondered about the price difference. Thanks for all the info girls :smile: