Which country/city in Europe should we visit?

  1. Hello!

    My boyfriend and I would like to take a week-long trip to Europe some time in April. I'm fairly acquainted with the major cities and wouldn't mind visiting the ones I've seen again, but I can't decide! Also, this would be the shortest duration I've ever stayed in Europe... what's a good city for a one week's visit?
  2. London!!! Haha obviously I'm partial, but this city is my favorite place in the world (and I'm from New York), plus it's one of the easier cities to navigate if you don't speak another language fluently. If you decide to come, PM me!
  3. What time of year are you going?

    ETA: I'm an idiot, you said April! I say Italy, that is my favorite. Croatia is also supposed to be great.

    I'll edit again... you can do like Rome & Florence for a week, split your time. If you haven't been to southern Italy, you can go to Naples and spent time on the coast or to Sicily. Toward the end of April it is warm but not beach hot from my experience, but I suppose that depends just on the luck of the weather. There are lots of options for a week... or just pick a city you love and go and relax, sort of one of my favorite things. I vote against London, because, while I love it, sorry the pound vs. the dollar just is much worse on the wallet than the Euro.
  4. Of course you should really see London, Paris or Rome! Beautiful cities. And Amsterdam's pretty nice too!
  5. ^^ I have to disagree a little bit about that. Yes, the pound is worse, but not by much anymore since the euro is steadily rising in value (you can get about 60 euros or 52 pounds for $100). Also, I've found that things in London are priced more appropriately for the exchange rate than in other European cities. For example, peanut butter costs about 70 pence or a $1.40, while the average cover to get into a bar or club is 5-15 pounds (on the weekends), which is about $10-30. I was really nervous before I came here because of the exchange rate, but most things are fairly reasonable. Any European city is going to be just as expensive as London though, if not worse.
  6. Another vote for London! But Italy sounds lovely too.
  7. Oh, I'm envious! Spent a month there about a year ago (wow, I can't believe it has been that long!). Loved Barcelona. Paris is always a favorite. Many recommended Cinque de Terre in northern Italy -- heard it is amazing, but unfortunately we ran out of time. Where have you been before?
  8. Ok , my thoughts:

    You should land in Paris, spend a few days there , shop a little. Spend an evening in a trendy restaurant, etc
    Then you take the high speed train to south of France-Nice ( 4 hours), and then rent a car to go to Italy and drive to the coast...:smile:
  9. Why not stay in one of the cities you have stayed in before, but pick one that has some interesting places nearby/outside for day trips, just to take your exploring to a new level?

    For example Paris, and then Giverney, and the Palace at Versailles. London, you could do some sightseeing in Canterbury...just some quick thoughts, I'm sure there are loads more! :yes:

    Of course this assumes you like to explore...:shame:

    If you tell us some of the cities you have visited before, we can help you with that.
  10. London and Paris are on the top of my "to do" list.

    I love Munich and Florence, and Venice is a close 3rd. I'd also recommend Vienna! I would love to go back to Rome and spend more time in the cathedrals and museums, but when I was there, I just thought it was really old and really dirty.
  11. Visit Paris or Venice! Beautiful places.
  12. Do you want to spend the whole week in one city or take day trips to other places? Rome is good, because there's a lot to do there, but you can get to Florence/Tuscany or Naples/Capri in a few hours if you want.
  13. What about Athens? Or Madrid and Barcelona? So many choices!
  14. BERLIN!

    My absolute favourite city in Europe. Third fave after Toronto and Minneapolis.
  15. Venice is a favorite, of course!

    But you know which city I absolutely fell in love with?? Ljubljana, Slovenia!